Saturday, December 03, 2011

Making Up

Something light to start your weekend?

I looked for a particular track from the eighties on You Tube. I found it, Kim Wilde's Cambodia if you are interested. It led me to another. Before I knew it, an hour had passed listening to eighties music. I had forgotten how good it was, well some of it.

Ah, the good old days, when men were real men, and wore makeup.

Pete Burns from Dead or Alive. Search for his photo now. He is a tragedy.

The less said about the present day Gary Glitter the better, but he epitomised glam rock. His look now is very different.

Melbourne's own Red Symons, back then from the marvellous band Skyhooks, now a breakfast radio announcer on ABC Melbourne. How did he become an old man?

Holly Johnston from Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Age may not weary them, but it doesn't do much for their desirability.

Adam Ant. He disappeared in the nineties. If you search for his present day photo, you may guess what he did for his lost decade.

Phillip Oakey from Human League. Balding, grey haired and just old, albeit trim looking.

Later thought. This is a boring post and I just know you won't bother searching for their present day photos, because you probably don't really care. So, I will do the job for you.

Pete Burns

Gary Glitter

Red Symons

Holly Johnston

Adam Ant

Phillip Oakey


  1. Never heard of Pete Burns. Judging by the photos only he seems to be rocking on.

  2. Anonymous6:53 am

    Never heard of Pete Burns???
    I like Holly's marcel wave.

  3. Skyhooks and Red Symon rock, because they were the best Australian band around at the time :-).

  4. I wonder what profession you'd guess if you only saw the 'after' photo? GG looks like a karate instructor, HJ like a maitre 'd and AA like the lead actor in 'Peter Pan grows up'!!!

  5. As usual I am lost when we get past the 70's. However, interesting photos of when men were men.

  6. OMG Pete Burns was kinda attractive way back then, he's down right hideous now. Adam Ant looks ok now, I think Red does too. Oakley's just lost his hair!

  7. Philip Oakley still looks pretty good! Hubba Hubba.

  8. Victor, you spin me around, right round, like a record. Don't google Pete Burns balls.

    Hehe Scott, wasn't a marcel wave before his time?

    Windsmoke, for me, they are probably still the best there was.

    Red, never thought about that, but I get what you are saying.

    Rubye, after I wrote the post, it occurred to me that men with make up was a very English thing. There were no Americans that came to mind who did that.

    Bah Fen. I can never put you into a box can I.

    River, the best to be said for him is he looks energetic. Not a bad thing in an older person, if you get my drift, nudge nudge.

  9. Andrew, I wouldn't dream of doing so...................oh my goodness!!!

  10. Music ends for me around the start of the 90s and I don't like much of what I hear now.

  11. Very much the same for me JahTeh.