Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Mailman Commeth

Various things ordered both locally and overseas have turned up at the Highrise over the last month or so. I made myself very happy and R approves of them all too.

First up was the advent calendar ordered from Richard Sellmer in Germany. The company has been producing them for over sixty years. I am very pleased with it. I took it down one day when Little Jo was here so that she could find and open the appropriate window and with daylight behind it, I realised the windows are translucent, so we placed it in front of a lamp. I will take it to the Bellarine on christmas eve so that Little Jo can open the last window, the 24th, and then perhaps cut it up for craft. It doesn't really show in the photo, but it has lots of glitter, which has found itself spread around the Highrise.

I decided to buy one of the lovely Bush Babe's calendars this year for ourselves. Then I thought, instead of buying Weather Bureau calendars as gifts, I will buy three more of BB's calendars. They arrived beautifully packaged with a nice note and a personal message on one addressed to us. How sweet. I am looking forward to the 1st of January when ours can go up.

And then my spur of the moment late night purchase of the Underground Diary arrived. It is a gorgeous diary, with a page a day and the pictures are copies of posters designed for London's Underground in the 1930s. Some of the pictures are truly great art. Here are a few I scanned.

The cover. For some reason it reminded me of the artist Bracks' painting, Collins Street, 5pm. I checked on the net and it looks nothing like the Bracks' painting.

Trooping the Colour. There are just so many fantastic posters.

For you cricket fans out there or you Underground facts fans.


  1. The Underground poster IS similar to the Bracks in colour and style, except that his people are grim and all the same.
    Advent calendars have always had glitter - a big part of their attraction for little kids of less sophisticated eras than this one.
    Does Lil Jo have a Santa List and is there an ipod on it? a pony?
    I hope Good Saint Nick brings me Peace & Quiet. x x x

  2. Ann, guess I am a big kid then. Little Jo is not much into electronics. She'd rather play with things or jump on R's belly or make a train out of our dining chairs. Of course as adept as she is at lining up the chairs into carriages, guess who has to put them back!

  3. We used to have advent calendars exactly like this one - or at least a close match. :) Perhaps its the same company as we were kids in Germany in 1954-55.
    The calendar is cool also.

  4. Interesting Rubye. There is a good chance it was the same company then.

  5. Never heard of the advent calendar before it does look very charming all the same :-).

  6. The Feral Aspie only got into Advent calendars in recent years...after he discovered the cheaper ones had chocolate in them!
    The flowers and card you got from M were lovely!

  7. That Underground Diary looks sensational. What a great purchase.

  8. Anonymous8:25 pm

    A friend bought me a virtual advent calendar, which is pretty cool. You get sent a link to download it and it sits on your desktop all month in a snow globe. When you want to open a day, you click on the globe and the picture opens up. Mine is of a village. Some days you just watch something happen, other days are more interactive. Everyday there's a new song, usually something Christmassey. It even came with a jigsaw puzzle!
    I love your new diary. I usually get something functional but boring. Might have to change that this year...V.

  9. Very European I think Windsmoke. I certainly did not grow up with them.

    Haha Ro. The way to his heart....

    But I won't actually use it Victor. I've lost the ability to write.

    Virtual one sounds fun V. I would think Japan would have some very nice diaries.

  10. Anonymous9:23 pm

    I thought of the John Brack painting too- perhaps it's the sense of haste that they both convey.

  11. I think that is it RJ. Commuter haste in the street.

  12. Now I'm remembering advent calendars from before mum left. I'd completely forgotten! The transparent windows, the images in them; I think mum must have had them sent over to us by relatives.

  13. There you go River. Why not get one for yourself next year. Only 7 euro plus postage. I didn't check out how much 7 euro is, but it sounded cheap.

  14. Yes, this is the second year I have purchased BB's Calendars and I love them too. I got one for my best friend. I can't wait for her to open it on Christmas Day.

  15. Always one step ahead of me Cazzie. I am BB calendar virgin.