Monday, December 05, 2011

I saw the light

Weird evening light. It lasted less than one minute.


  1. This is the way Oklahoma looks during tornado weather, the atmosphere gets kind of a green hue to it. Of course, what I'm seeing here may not be what you actually saw, and so it goes.
    Anyhow, these are beautiful.

  2. Bonza yellowish sunset you were very quick to capture it, well done :-).

  3. did it rain soon after? It's a gorgeous light, great capture.

  4. It's a great photo, one of the benefits of living up high I guess.

  5. You have some lovely windows to spy on. Ho Hum.

  6. Rubye, in spite of the colour of the photo, it was more yellow than green.

    Windsmoke, I have learnt to be quick with the camera, for more than one reason.

    I can't remember now Fen. I think it may have.

    River, and a strong connection with bird life.

    Not really Victor. I think yours are better.