Thursday, December 08, 2011

A horse is a horse, not a vehicle

I thought the damn horses and carts were to be shifted out of Swanston Street. Evidently not. Still they will be in the way of bicycles and deliberately delaying trams. They are a law unto themselves. Look at this one below the Highrise, trotting along in the right hand lane and blocking the flow of traffic. There must be a dozen of the now in the city, far too many. Just wait for the hue and cry when one gets clobbered by a car or tram. Well done Lord Mayor Doyle, not.


  1. The horse and cart were around long before the car, bike, trains and trams and it would be a shame to see them disappear completely :-).

  2. What if they were taking people on rides through the gardens instead of around the city proper?
    I must say there's nothing appealing or romantic about them, no liveried footmen or anything to make it more than a simple ride on a horse drawn cart.

  3. We have the old cooper's Ale brewery draught horse and cart doing the rounds here in Adelaide, but not every day. Most people don't mind taking things a bit slow around the cArt, but if there were more of them and every day there might be a fuss made. I always seem to see the cart when I don't have the camera handy, or I'm on the bus and by the time I get the camera out, the bus has moved on so the photo opportunity is lost.

  4. I say we ban these damned motor cars!
    Ban them completely I say, they don't do any good for man.
    Use horse and cart....and cycle.
    Oh, and those trams things.
    But only if they reintroduce connies on 'em...filthy little beggers get on and off withOUT paying their fare.
    Wouldn't happen on a horse and cart, let me tell you!

  5. Windsmoke, and relegated to paddocks for a good reason.

    They do Fruitcake, across the busy Princes Bridge and down St Kilda Road and into the gardens.

    River, I've seen them on tv. We used to have Carlton Brewery horses but I haven't seen them for a long time.

    Jayne, that would be a horse bus you are wanting. They used to have them.

  6. I reckon the worst thing about them is the stench of horse urine where they 'park' on Swanston Street while waiting for business. It's disgusting. I'd be happy to see them moved somewhere else where my nose won't be assaulted by their stench.

  7. FL, never mind the the horse crap left on the street for people to step into, or cars drive over and spread.

  8. I thought they had poo bags to catch the crap!

  9. They all seem to Fen, but apparently there is a design flaw.