Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ginger Bread

Melbourne Town Hall has a small gallery off Swanston Street and exhibitions are regularly changed. It is free and takes only a few minutes to check out. At the moment it has ginger bread christmas sculptures. The photos are at odd angles as standing distance was limited and brats kept getting in the way. Nice effort City of Melbourne. So what does gingerbread sculptures have to do with christmas? I have no idea.

A tree with lots of dangling ginger bread men, or women. Sex was indeterminable.

Melbourne Cricket Ground of course.

The Arts Centre, complete with spire and a train circling it.

Typical Melbourne scene.

Castles, snow and frozen lakes are often to be seen in Melbourne's streets.

Think we must be somewhere else now.

This building looks familiar, but I can't place it.


  1. Yummmy gingerbread, although i think you got a bit derailed and lost direction after the Arts Centre you must've entered a worm hole and ended up in another country :-).

  2. Hi Andrew, you'd think parents would know better than to let their brats loose around gingerbread buildings.

    I have no idea either about the connection between Christmas and gingerbread art, but then, I'm no artist.

    Sex indeterminate? Safe for the kiddies to bite into, after all.

    A happy and safe holiday season to you, R, and all of your readers.

  3. Mary Crispness and a Happy New Ear to you and R. from all down 3041 way.

  4. Do they need volunteers to eat it afterwards? I quite like gingerbread

  5. The display is amazing! I love gingerbread although I haven't bought any for quite some time, probably since the kids were in school. I remember my mum used to bring or send us all a decorated gingerbread heart at Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you and R and all your family too.

  6. Those are really cool!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

  7. When I was a kid, I always helped my mom make a gingerbread house. We covered the roof with white icing to represent the snow. It was part of the centerpiece of the buffet table.

    Have a merry jolly Christmas, Andrew. It's already Christmas morning where you live in the future. Ours will be white finally since we had a couple of centimeters of snowfall yesterday and it is sunny but -15 C right now, so it will stay there!

  8. That's it Windsmoke. It was a wormhole.

    Gingerbread was not part of my upbringing FruitCake. Thanks.

    Cheers LS.

    Fen, I don't think it was touched by kiddies, so maybe you could.

    Thanks River. Best wishes.

    Dina, it is flat out, that is very busy. Thanks.

    Jon, a tradition brought over from Europe and continued? A white christmas would be such fun.

  9. Nom nom nom... the girls and Nick made some gingerbread christmas trees and decorated them up. I just had Nick look at these images you took... we muSt go see them!

  10. Except Cazzzie, the trains did not seem to operate, just in case Nick thought they did.

  11. Hah! Love the 'we must be somewhere else now' comment.

    .....I finally 'get' gingerbread now that I'm in the land that lives on the stuff during winter. Melted cheese and bread for savoury, gingerbread (or the spices shoved into wine) for sweets. It does make sense.

  12. I am quite fond of gingerbread Kath. I like the spiciness. Melted cheese on bread is good too.