Saturday, December 10, 2011


While I know some parts of Frankston aren't so great, I find it generally ok, but then I don't live there. I have an uncle who lives there, in an older leafy part. The family, Tradie Brother who's lot who grew up in the swamps of Langwarrin, are quite disparaging about Franga, as they call it.

Is Franga dopeville? I am sure this photo from the local paper with a mary jane leaf is not representative of Frankston.


  1. I reckon it means you've been given the green light to smoke the mary jane in Franga :-).

  2. Call me old fashioned, but a franga has always been a condom. Poor old Frankston, tarred with two brushes: dope and sex :)

  3. Dame Elisabeth lives at Langwarrin, so it's OK by me. Love the green light logo though. far out.

    peace and love, man.

  4. I call it FKN, as per the Metro abbreviation. I agree, parts are okay, parts are not. Like a lot of suburbs I guess.

  5. Brings back memories Windsmoke.

    Yeah Hels, Frankston does have a reputation, but I quite like it. Like you, franga meant something to me, and I expect even young people would know what a franger is. Where did that word come from? Some connection to French letter?

    Cortina tail lights to you too Em Stacks.

    Fen, I remember writing a whole post using the railways abbreviation FKN.

  6. Anonymous10:41 pm

    When Hollywood Came To FKSTN

    the collectible book ($100 for the copy I saw only yesterday in a collectors bookshop) of the film that put FKN on the map. I recall the drama well.
    X X Brownie

  7. Brownie, I hope the book makes it clear that SHE did not say Melbourne was a good place to make a film about the end of the world.

  8. good morning. yes - when you follow that link it says The Sun made it up to provoke her because she refused all interviews.

  9. Well I learn something quite often reading your posts, Andrew - I never knew that film was made in FKN.

    It's nice to know someone in Frankston can be more creative than the morons who walk around tagging every square inch of public space they can find.

  10. Em Stacks, I seem to recall Keith Dunstan had something to do with it. I should just read your link!

    FruitCake, I can recall Red Symons being quite cruelled amused at FKN have a cultural centre. The mayor was quickly on the phone to defend her city.