Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family - bah

Just when we thought we finished with family stuffs, Mother's garage sale, Little Jo decorating the tree and Sis in Law's wedding, along comes Maria.

Her name used to be pronounced Marry, then it went to how we would normally say Maria, but now it is Mariah. Somewhere in the distant past of my blog you can read about her when she visited us with her daughter and then husband. She is R's youngest sister and lives in the north of England. I take a charitable view of my own Sister when she disappoints us. I am fighting for R to do the same for his sister.

Another of R's sister's mentioned about, pephaps I should give Maria the privacy I give other people and call her M, that she was coming to Australia to see us. This would have been about mid year.

We rolled our eyes and doubted that the twice divorced M would visit us. R had left countless messages on her phone with no return call. He was getting very annoyed.

While we were off selling Mother's junk one Saturday morning, M left four messages on our answering machine. It was clearly Friday night drinks time in the UK and the last message was incomprehensible. However, the first confirmed she is coming and gave us a date in mid January. Oh, and she is bringing a friend. We guessed who the friend is. She was about ten years old when she waved R off from a window when he left home to come to Australia in about 1970. We caught up with her when we visited England in 2008 and she is full on, over the top, gushing and quite glamourous. This is rather the opposite to us at our age. I suppose it all be ok. They don't want us to organise anything and they may go to Sydney for a couple of days. I expect there will be a lot of sunbaking at St Kilda Beach.

Just to ensure we are onside, this nice bunch of flowers arrived for christmas and later an expensive card.


  1. I dare not disparage, but ignoring all those phone messages left by dear R, and then going over-the-top all of a sudden, is a little nerve making.
    But as you say - 'family' we all haz them.
    The very modern card is noted.

    I do hope it all goes well. get stocked up on sunburn cream beforehand. x x

  2. Get in heaps of wine and have a load of tourist maps and tram timetables to push at her....

    LOVE the art deco tray mobiel you have in the kitchen!

  3. There are cards for brother and partner?? I've never seen them. I think they're a great idea. I hope there are ones for sister and partner too.

  4. Em Stacks, she got quite badly burnt the last time she was here. But it doesn't seem to worry the English too much. R takes offence easily at things Sister says or does. Now I get my revenge.

    Kath, I remember well, Bacardi is her poison. The wine will be for me. Just the dozen thanks. The tea trolley, whatever it is called was our Brother Friends' Mother's. WE like it. It must be due for a good clean.

    River, seems to be an English thing. We have received one before. I have never seen them here.

  5. I reckon its the calm before the storm from what i can gather :-).

  6. Windsmoke, we don't have family arguments and I am not about to start now. I think it will be ok.

  7. Like River, I was impressed by the Brother and Partner card. I suppose it covers all manner of relationships and sexualities.

  8. Sexuality Victor? Wot you sayin'?