Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Decaying Mansion

I rather like the idea of living in a decaying mansion. Buckets to catch water from roof leaks, some crumbling plaster and concrete, water running off the roof because the spouting has rusted, the odd door that won't close, dubious wiring, geckos coming living in wall cracks a carpets a bit threadbare. I could go on but it might be little more extreme than shabby chic.

Who lives in such a place? Well, if the media is correct, Aung Sun Su Kyi does. Unfortunately this is another post that has fallen flat on its face as I can't find interior photos of her house on New University Road in Rangoon. You'll have to make do with a couple of what I could find.

It seems it may not entirely be her house though, with a dispute between her brother and herself before the courts. The inheritance dispute started in 2001 and is ongoing and law suits and counter law suits have been filed. Renovations to the house did start after it was damaged by a cyclone, but the brother took out a successful injunction for the work to cease.

I am not sure if this is pre or post the cyclone. The roof appears to be in reasonable repair.

Here is a little closer. It does appear to be rather shabby.

This photo from Mizzima, a Burmese news site.

This may or may not be the interior of the house. I am unable to verify.


  1. I've never visited but it may be that this house is typical of houses in Burma.

  2. What was her brother thinking????? Being imprisoned for years and years, never seeing her husband again... dear god almighty. What a misery.

  3. Regardless of its disrepair, what a beautiful house. I would take it, but not from Aung Sun Su Kyi of all people. I wonder what her brother's reasoning is.

  4. You'd think being brother and sister that they would team up and restore this splendid looking mansion instead of wasting time, money and effort in the courts :-).

  5. What a gorgeous old house! I'd be happy to live in such a place, but only if I had enough money to restore it fully, with money left over of course. (Maintenance and utilities would cost a lot). But think of the space! I could have all my friends to stay at once! I could hold a blog meet without needing a hotel...

  6. what a creep the brother is.

  7. Aah she's an amazing, resilient woman.

    I have spent hours going through photos from here:
    This guy goes through abandoned houses, often explaining what went on there. It fascinates the pants off me!

  8. Victor, typical perhaps for a rich person.

    Hels, families can be troublesome at times, not matter your circumstances.

    Rubye, I can imagine it when it was new. It must have been grand. The brother obviously feels he has a right I suppose.

    Windsmoke, it is not a good look to the public either.

    Nice lateral thinking Fen.

    Ah well Ann, we don't know the full story.

    He's a seriously good photographer Fen.

  9. That adds a new dimension to 'house arrest', doesn't it?! What if you're disinherited from the house in which you're staying?!?! Maybe I've found a legal loophole - albeit too late ...

  10. Red, house arrest in someone else's house. Hmmm, one for the courts.