Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The Sydney Broadcasting Corporation, occasionally known as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is at it again. The more I whinge, the more they do it.

I was listening to the ABC local radio 7pm news on digital. The programme was being broadcast nationally and the delightful Libby Gore was to follow. So what was the 7pm news problem? Once again, I started to hear the names of Sydney suburbs in the bulletin. The news was NSW news, not national news.

The days of a fifteen minute news, ten of national and five of local, at 7pm have long past. The gong to separate the two went missing long before the move to Ultimo. I am not a dinosaur. I cope with change and recognise that the past often SEEMS better.

But what disrespect is dished out all to all the other parts of the country when NSW news is broadcast nationally. It is so frequent now that I am starting to recognise the Sydney news readers' voices.

This time I emailed my ABC the SBC.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    This really does sound to be rather irritating. Similar things happen from time to time with the BBC.

  2. Yup I've heard this a couple of times. Unhelpful when they give a weather forecast for Sydney suburbs only *sigh*

  3. oh wow, just realised my screen name thing has changed, it's my full name instead of Fen. Hmmm.

  4. I get annoyed with TV and newspapers for the same thing. Adelaide is so rarely mentioned. It's almost like we're a figment of someone's imagination.

  5. Much like the international air services offered by Sydney Airways...er Qantas.

    They might as well not exist in Adelaide or Perth, and don't in Darwin. They are becoming increasing irrelevant in Brisbane and Melbourne as well.

    I find it strange that the ABC does not have local news bulletins at that time of day. I mean, 7pm is early!

  6. JayLa, we do love to moan on about our government national broadcasters don't we. That is because they should do better.

    Yes Fen. Heard the Sydney weather forecast last night. You must be logged in from a another web site.

    River, I can only offer you my sympathy as I know how bad it must be for the BAPH cities, which is how the ABC used to refer to you. Sydney first, Melbourne second and third, BAPH.

  7. Yep Ben. Melbourne and Sydney are similar sizes now, yet Sydney has preferential flight treatment, in spite of the curfew and other difficulties. Normally the 7pm news would be local and I would guess it was supposed to be, as Sydney was producing its own bulletin. I think it may have been local on analogue but not on digital.

  8. Even magazines published for a national audience are full of what's on in Sydney!

    And the ABC? Barely a day goes by without some sort of technical problem, blooper or state news substitute. Such are the rewards of economic rationalism ...

  9. Red, do things in magazine world actually happen outside Sydney? Well, occasionally in Melbourne, but I get your drift. The ABC needs to do what it does well. If that means cuts in optional areas, so be it.

  10. Sitting in Sydney I can't see what the problem is (grin).

    Seriously, I recall Sydney receiving the Northern Territory news and weather at one stage when there was a local Sydney dispute. It was very odd.

    As for Fen, I suggest her new identity arrived when she joined Google+. That's why I never join anything nowadays.

  11. Victor, as least there might be a croc story in NT news. I have two ways to log into blogger. Fortunately my name does not change.

  12. yeh Victor is right, it's a G+ thing. Oh well.