Sunday, November 20, 2011

This week's flowers

Actually last week's, this week's and next week's!

I don't know what these are. Bit boring but there wasn't much on offer that week.

Iris are ever so reliable.

Friends were going overseas, so before they left, they raided their garden and gave us this bunch of strelitzia.

Panic, surprise visitors coming and I had just thrown out the finished and ragged cyclamen from the balcony the day before (that should perhaps be rephrased). We grabbed what we could at a nearby nursery and the petunias have turned out rather well. We'll get a couple of months out of them. I tried to be smart by taking an overhead shot, but a side shot would have been better to show them.


  1. Bonza flowers and snazzy retro vase in the 2nd photo :-).

  2. Lovely flowers and vases - maybe I should get a bunch a week for our place.

    Then again, maybe I should buy a vase or two as well as we're still discovering what we 'need' versus what we actually have (ie a teapot, some vases, a tray or two, a rug for the third bedroom, some champagne glasses etc)

  3. Love that 2nd vase too! And the flowers of course.

  4. Summer is the best time of year for the beach, bbqs and outdoor parties, but spring has the most gorgeous flowers!

  5. I just realised the other day that someone stole my bird of paradise flowers. All I have left now are neatly cut off stems :(

  6. Nice flowers. Did you know that you can cut back the cyclamen and repot, they'll grow again. I once had some almost dead in a pot and cut them back then planted them under a shady tree. They lived for three more years.

  7. Is it retro Windsmoke? I can't recall seeing another like it. I works well for some flowers.

    You should get some weekly Kath. Hop the tram to Vic Market and.......ah, problem. Commonsense indicates a vase before flowers, but then we had cds before we had a player.

    Peter, the vase is one we haven't broken, so that is something.

    Hels, I am not much of one for summer except for warm summer evenings. Funny, flowers don't seem as seasonal as they should be. Must come from somewhere.

    Fen, from something I read somewhere, check your local church. The flower ladies have a habit of nicking flowers for the church arrangement.

    I kind of did know that River. I have never had success in the past doing that with any plants. They are never as good the second time. We really don't have the space to store dormant plants, so down the rubbish chute they go.