Friday, November 25, 2011

Queen Victoria Gardens

Not so long ago R and I took a stroll around the Queen Victoria Gardens. It is the first time we have taken a proper look and it was very pleasant.

This just planted bed will look very fine when the plants grow.

I think it was after we had a very wet Friday and some of the roses had been quite spoiled.

I am not sure why the pond was an almost empty mud hole.

Queen Vicky, gazing upon an important city in one of her colonies.

A bit closer.

Even closer, close enough to see busted limbs and particularly vile graffiti.

It's worth clicking some of the photos to see the roses a bit better.


  1. Hello Andrew,
    All looking so neat and tidy. Like Englsih parks used to be. [and now no longer are, sadly].

  2. I don't mind graffiti but it definitely doesn't belong on statues of this kind its most disrespectful indeed :-(.

  3. Those roses look amazing, despite the wet.

  4. Hannah, it has happened their too? We suffer from spread mulch and strappy things. This is one of the few areas that has proper flower beds.

    Disrespectful to say the least Windsmoke. The statue has been their for perhaps a hundred years.

    Fen, I haven't checked for a few years, but the roses in St Kilda's Blessington Street Gardens were pretty good.

  5. I remember the Queen Vic gardens. We walked through them once when we first moved to Melbourne. It's nice to see real flower beds. I don't like all those strappy leafy native grasses that are being planted in many places. Sure, they're native and once established don't take so much water or pruning either, in fact not much looking after at all, but they're JUST NOT PRETTY to look at.

  6. Yes River, they are close to twon. I can't agree more about damn strappy things.

  7. I wonder why it never occurs to me to angle my shots like your first one? I'll have to copy your technique!!

  8. More arse than class Red. It was the only way to fit it in, and even then I didn't really.