Friday, November 25, 2011

Note to self

Dearest Andrew, like you have learnt to not send late night emails and texts, like you have learnt not to publish late night blog posts, so you need to learn not to place orders over the internet late at night.

Wait for the cold hard light of day before deciding that you simply must have some fresh coffee from Paris, and is the diary with photos of old posters from The Tube really necessary.

Hehe, of course the diary is essential and it's half price. Even though I don't use a diary, I saved £7. I didn't buy the coffee.

Having bought a few things over the net of late, it seems that the companies make most of their money on the 'postage'.


  1. Despite the amount of time I spend at the computer I have not as yet succumbed to using it much for shopping apart from arranging holiday trips and booking theatre tickets, oh and paying bills too.

  2. I put everything on my ebay watch list and think about it, for at least an hour.

  3. gah I'm terrible, I buy a lot on the internets, but usually it's stuff I actually need. Mostly.

  4. Victor, the tension experienced while wondering whether your parcel will arrive, or finding out you are a victim of a massive scheme of defraud is interesting.

    JahTeh, there is pleasure to be derived from ebay when you put in a bid for something and you don't get it, but someone else has to pay more.

    Fen, what are you intimating? Of course I only buy things I need. I can see my life is successful by the crap I buy over the net.

  5. Isn't there some law that says stuff expands to fill the space available for storage? And another that says to really stuff things up you need a computer?

  6. Yep, 'postage and packing' are the real money spinners. I remember 'Vistaprint' in Australia (and on British telly) advertising personalised calenders, mousepads, business cards etc for crazy prices but the postage was at least four times the norm.

    E-bay has been a bit of a saviour for me over here - finding flat sheets are impossible here, so UK ebay has come to the rescue. It seems that Genevans either sleep with a full-on feather quilt or nothing!

  7. It is a law, and it has worked for us in the past, but now in an apartment, we have some empty drawers and spaces. Amazing when you consider what we used to have. Yes, and computers have a lot to answer for.

    Too true Kath. The postage was £7, the same as the product. The advent calendar I bought from Germany, the postage was considerably higher than the product. We sleep on a fitted sheet with a doona, or if it is hot a flat sheet, to cover us. Never a sheet between us and the doona, which many do. Now this will be your first winter? Tell us about the heating.

  8. Late night internet shopping?
    Tsk Tsk.

    I have a sheet between me and my feather quilt, it's much easier to wash a sheet than to remove the quilt cover, wash it, then have to put the damn thing back on every week.

  9. No way you'll get me to buy anything over the internet because of the horror stories my friends and neighbours tell me where they've handed over their hard earned cash for a product then they never receive the product, give me a shopfront and cash anyday :-).

  10. I even made a vow not to leave the computer on after 7.30 because of things like this - ahem!

    Have been reading your posts but am flat strap right now - a mammoth job after 39 years of clutter gathering - some things are precious - its making sure you don't throw the wrong things out...

  11. Day or night, my mind seems to know no bounds when it comes to spending money. Some of the best things and prices are found online--Zappos for shoes, no postage either way, Pure Formulas for vitamins and organics, etc.

  12. River, I wasn't silly really. It is a point about the sheet in between. While my bottom sheet and pillow cases may get washed once a week, I am afraid the cover doesn't as I hate putting in on.

    Windsmoke, you have mentioned this before, and I am a bit perplexed. I have never had trouble and I don't know anyone who has.

    MC, some of my best work is done late at night, but saved for review in the morning. Yes, I guess you have a bit to get rid of.

    Rubye, if they are things you would buy anyway, great savings can be made, as you say.