Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lap or Ipad

We will be travelling overseas next year, destination undecided as yet. One thing we have decided is that we are not carting the heavy laptop, that is me with it in my backpack, again. Although the mouse to go with it weighs little, the charger is heavy too.

So, what shall we get? It will be used for some web browsing, some email and to back up photos.

The choice is a light weight modern laptop, a net book or an Ipad or Android equivalent.

Factors to consider

We prefer to use a mouse.

An Ipad or non Ipad would need a case as well I guess.

We already have Android smart phones and will use them for the rare o/s phone call.

It is easy to plug the camera in a computer via a usb port. I am wary of anything more complicated.

Think I have talked myself out of an Ipad or non Ipad. Your opinions would be most welcome though.


  1. I vote for the net book computer, because its lightweight and compact :-).

  2. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Oh, I was playing with iPads last week and I REALLY want one. Can't quite justify the price though...V.

  3. I'd suggest a netbook too, they're small and lightweight, and take some usb sticks to hold information and photos as well.

  4. A tiny laptop/netbook. LC and Sapph have ipads and they're a bugger to type on.

  5. Oh and let me know if you want a friendly face and a spare bed if you're in Geneva!

  6. Ipad is lighter Windsmoke. But it doesn't work like a normal computer.

    Well V, you being of a certain age, should probably stick to what you know. Haha, in the early days of us having a computer when you had one at work, I remember you showing us Amazon. You weren't quite sure of the url. Like that matters these days.

    Yeah River, I think that is what we need and it would be fine for occasional home use too.

    Funny Kath, I am not sure that I do write much on a computer when I am away, but soft touching on an on screen keyboard gives me the horrors. Friendly faces are nice to see when travelling, but we like our own space for staying in. But should Highriser have a wee too much of the local liquid and come knocking at your door, Kath, let me in, then your offer would be very welcome. I've never thought about visiting Geneva. Is it good for tourists? There is a post for you.

  7. You could take neither. Your smartphone will do email and browsing and an internet cafe will up the level if you need it. As to your photo's buy some extra memory cards and just keep all your photos on those. Time for sorting and editing when you get back.
    Of course using data overseas can be very expensive so make sure you stick with WiFi althoug that applies to a netbook too.

  8. I would take nothing, for me holidays are a break from the internoodles.

    But for your purpose I would go with an iPad. I really enjoyed using my uncle's one, it's light and small.

  9. iPads are great for reading, eg consuming content. Less good for producing it. What is best for you probably depends on what you want to do with it while away.

    (Can you even back up photos on an iPad? I'm not sure.)

  10. BDT, it boils down to screen size. Although we plan our trips well, checking things and details have become the norm with the lap top on the last couple of holidays. Japan hotels had free internet, just plug in and away you go.

    Fen, we need it for holidays to find out stuff while we are on holidays. Sheesh, our last o/s holiday saw a change of Prime Minister and we might not have known. Light and small perhaps, but maybe too difficult or too different to use.

    Daniel, I suppose what we would be basically doing is consuming content, so now I swinging back to Ipad. The Ipad has a hole to plug something in to. Maybe it has a lead that can convert to a usb? Or maybe it just for charging. In England, it was a real hassle to get photos transferred from the camera to a cd. Now it might be to a stick, but I am sure still a hassle.

  11. No, travelling around OZ is not quite the same as going O/S, but my netbook works for me! Everything's built in, can use a mouse, USB ports, wireless internet access built in etc etc etc. It's as light as a feather (well, almost) and I can carry it in my backpack without crippling myself. That's what I'd pick - I bought mine from the Telstra shop (worth a look) and had it for nearly 2 years. It's actually my only computer!!

  12. Convinced me Red. If you can produce your quality blog posts on yours, then that will do nicely.

  13. Also vote for the netbook. I love my netbook. Although unlike Red Nomad I leave mine locked up in my accomodation until I get back. I carry an SLR camera in my backpack so that and the netbook together get a bit heavy.

  14. Ben, I won't be carrying it around much. Mostly left in accommodation. I had a look at my nephew's today. It works fine.

  15. I don't carry it everywhere, I was just making the point that I CAN! And thanx for your kind words, A - just goes to show size actually DOESN'T matter!!!