Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi Julie, long time no see

This is a photo of a kindly looking old couple in Hawaii. They look like nice and respectable people. In the middle is their grandson. He looks friendly too. But I wonder if a black grandson with white grandparents will ever amount to much though? If he is smart, he may well succeed in the black world, but really, with such an 'interesting' family history, surely he will be on the back foot in the white world of the U S of A.

When Her Maj was recently here in Melbourne there was heavy security, I suppose. I spotted a spook lurking, but otherwise security was invisible. Truly, I could have found a nice comfortable position a grassy rise and taken a shot at her as she crawled past in a tram. If my rifle had a telescopic sight, it would have been a sure hit and no more Liz. Many may have a reason to hate our Liz, but that she can ride so openly in a public transport vehicle says a lot about the way Britain deals with security and to a lesser degree Australia. Buck House requested the older tram so that Liz wasn't hidden behind tinted windows.

Australia kowtows to its VIP visitors and does it the way the visitor's country wants it done, hence over our national capital Canberra, jets are flying everywhere, motorcades proceed, and then the real one comes along. Men in dark glasses speak into their jacket sleeves. The Prime Minister's consort is forced to walk from Parliament House after the Presidential presentations. Tee he, like Timmy would be a threat to anyone. Yet, is Obama really under any more threat than Our Liz was?

It also seems the US is interfering strongly in security provisions for the London Olympics. Ummm, Britain has a long history of dealing with security of VIPs. I would have thought it was best to let the natives do it their way in their country.

I was much amused this evening, and taken back to when former US President Bush got his Deputy Sheriff and best mate, our then PM John Howard's, name wrong. I have heard it twice now and Obama called our PM Julia by the name of Julie. And I thought they really had a rapport going. Silly me to take notice of media.


  1. Today, in the U.S. it really doesn't matter what color or ethnicity one is because what it takes to succeed here is money. If you have money, you have opportunity. If you don't, oh well. It is a sad situation indeed.

  2. With all the security surrounding Liz and the Prez i doubt there would be any threat at all in Australia. Don't forget there are security people lurking around in the crowd dressed in plain clothes, you'll never know who or where they are :-).

  3. Much as I admire Obama, there is something altogether too Uriah Heepy about the way we have welcomed him. Yecch. Almost as bad as Abbott in his cycling clobber.

  4. Rubye, I suppose it is good that it doesn't matter about your colour in the US, but it seems a hollow victory if you are correct about the rest, and I have no doubt you are.

    Windsmoke, that is as expect security should be, that is invisible.

    No FruitCake, nothing is as bad as Abbott in lycra. It's the cult of the celebrity and no harm done really.

  5. I heard Obama on the wireless and could have sworn he called her a Galah!

  6. Perhaps he had recently heard a galah and her squawking reminded him of it.