Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gina Reinhart

Better get her name right, Gina Rinehart..........Her father Lang Hancock was a larger than life self made mining magnate. Her step mother is the very self made almost celebrity Rose Porteuous, formerly Lang's Filipina nurse before they married. Rose and Gina had a right barny over the division of spoils when Lang died. It is safe to say they don't get along. It also seems Gina does not get along with her own children either. Here is Gina protesting against a mining tax. She believes her companies should pay very little tax for what they extract from the ground, that is our common ground. She doesn't seem to be the most glamorous woman.

You know, I quite like paying tax, especially when it wisely spent for the benefit of my fellow citizens. I like good health care, good education systems, well, the list could be long. But apparently Australia's richest woman is not keen on paying her share.

The very rich American Warren Buffett thinks he doesn't pay enough tax. Many rich French people don't think they pay enough tax. But not our Gina.

Here you go. I am clearly not the only one who has issues with Gina. Compare yourself to Gina. She earns in six minutes what takes me a year to earn.

But people are never satisfied with money only. They want power too. So our Gina buys a large stake in a television station and it is rumoured that she was instrumental in installing discredited right wing media commentator Andrew Bolt in his own programme.

The sad thing about Gina, for us anyway, her battle cry of 'axe the tax' was somewhat successful with our government watering down the proposed tax significantly.

Gina: 1
Australian people: 0

Post start dated 30/06/11. I get there eventually.


  1. Greedy corporations run the country not governments this is a classic example :-).

  2. Anonymous3:33 pm

    The mining tax should be set at 60%for the peoples and 40% for the mining companies. They would still make a healthy profit. Who in their right mind deserves to earn 5+billion a year?

  3. Awww, poor misunderstood Gina.
    Her mother/father/aunt/second cousin didn't play nice with her when she was little...she was mentally scarred by a bowl of Brussels Sprouts at the tender age of 2...she was bottle fed...

  4. She's just so lucky that's she's such an attractive honeypot.

    OK, so that's seriously not PC and probably sexist - of course it is - but evil sheilas like her deserve every shellacking they get.

    Piquant that she ended up with the evil stepmother Rose.

    Schadenfreude with cherries on top!

  5. Once heard a comparison speech - apparently the mining tax water-down was equivalent to Julia giving away 60 flood levies ... scary, huh?!?!

  6. Cannot offer specific facts or figures, only feelings.
    I would not like to bump into this person in a dark alley.
    I am so disgusted about so many political issues... but how this person has the right to dig stuff belonging to everyone out of ground that belongs to everyone and keep the spoils for herself eludes me.
    And more - ad nauseum, even.

  7. At least Bill Gates is doing something with his billions.
    Always loathed Lang Hangcock. Stupid mongrel wanted to use an atomic bomb to make a deeper harbour on the WA coast for his iron ore ships.
    Spider Rose deserved everything she could snatch for putting up with the old codger. (apols for the 'old codger', someone might mistake it for Sedgwick)

  8. If you ever watched Seinfeld, you might recall the very disappointing ending to a terrific show.

    What has this got to do with Ginormous Gargantuan Glamorous Gina? Well, I'd like to see her, Daddy dearest, Rose HP and Andrew Bolt stuck in a tiny cell together forever. Karma, Schadenfreude, just desserts - whatever you want to call it.

  9. she may as well have a tattoo across her forehead "I am the 1%"

    stupid selfish witch!

  10. I'd like to have her income for just six months. Me and my kids and their kids and so on for generations could all live very comfortably thankyouverymuch.

    I did the comparison thing and it takes Gina 1.8 minutes to make as much as I do in a year. To earn her income I would have to work 285,128 years!

    Why do the crappiest people always have the biggest incomes?

  11. Seems like it Windsmoke.

    Anon, 60/40 sounds pretty right to me. After all, it is our stuff in the ground.

    Hehe Jayne. I kind of connected brussel sprout with the photo of Gina.

    LS, I could have written it about Twiggy but Gina is more interesting. Sexist perhaps.

    Red, the gov is playing it up as a victory, instead it was serious loss to us.

    FruitCake, that is the essence of it. It is our stuff.

    JahTeh, I had forgotten about the harbour business. I steer clear of self made men.

    Delicious imagery Kath.

    Displaced, further, I am the 1% who gets 80%.

    River, if I had a wand, I'd fix it. I don't know how they sleep at night.

  12. I would rather her have the company than Rose. The rich miners should pay a rich tax.

  13. Fair point Diane, though if Rose had it, she might have sent the company broke.