Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bracks the Younger

Something strange happens to R when he sees our former State Premier's son on tv. R normally prefers blonds. Personally, I dunno what people see in Nick Bracks. S'pose he does have nice hair.


  1. Yum, drool. Have him bathed in rose water and dragged to my tent at midnight.

    Damn, senior's moment, Andrew what do I do when he gets to the tent?

  2. mmm nope, he doesn't make anything move for me!

  3. Dark hair, yes that's a plus, but he's too pretty. A model boy, all buffed and shiny.

  4. He´s a child...

  5. Er, no. No thanks - too smug, too obvious, too into himself...

    I like 'em more natural and unaware...

  6. Linking this post and your previous one I take it you were not referring to R.

    If so, that is interesting information. (By the way, I'm clearly not as choosy as either you or R.)

  7. I'm with Kath Lockett on this one :-).

  8. He is handsome. Yes. But there is also something about his face that makes him look slightly dumb if you know what I mean.

  9. Anonymous9:37 am

    So he has his own line of underwear too?

    Too much pompadour hairstyling for me.

  10. It is ok JahTeh, I think he will know.

    Perhaps if he was in action Fen, it might work better for you.

    River likes her men to be real men.

    Hi Blue Shell. His brain might be child like, but not much about his appearance, I think.

    Kath, you are probably right. He would be very focused on himself.

    No Victor, more referring to us, as gay men admiring. I am choosy about men when looking at pictures. Can't afford to be in real life.

    No smoothies for Windsmoke then.

    AdRad, I don't know. He could be the brightest of young lads, but he doesn't really come across as so, does he.

  11. I think the photo of him in our Fed Square, third photo down, was the launch of his underwear brand. But the thing with hair like that is that you can do so much with it.


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