Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blog meet

How exciting. We are meeting not one blog mate for brunch on Sunday, but four of them. It will a brunch coat party. I expect three of them will be hungover, as we probably will be after spending Saturday helping Mother with another, surely the last, garage sale. Apparently it is going to pour rain on Mother's garage sale. Good, we can pack up early.

Mother was moaning on the phone about having to get up early, get her jobs done, shower, feed the feral cats, all before the garage sale. I felt like adding, and we will do most of the above plus drive for nearly an hour to get to your place. Tradie Brother is in charge of organisation and Dreaded Nephew will assist.

Back to Sunday. In about 2006 or perhaps 05 I wrote a post bemoaning the lack of older bloggers, well ones my age. Tezza was kind enough to steer me to a red headed one, and his own of course by default, and it rather snowballed from there. So that is about five years I have known these people via the net, or latterly actually meeting them.

And while I might not be the most attractive person at brunch, I will be the youngest, the toy boy, so to speak.


  1. At this time of the year a lot of garage sale addicts will be looking for toys...
    Enjoy your brunch!

  2. brunch coat....hahaha I haven't heard that item name in....well years ..except when I have said it , that is !

    Enjoy the brunch , hope the garage sale is over quick and the rellies all cooperate :)

  3. Enjoy the brunch Andrew and the status of being oh I don't know, being a toy boy for maybe the first time haha! Hope your Mum's garage sale is a sellout and that it doesn't rain before it is!!

  4. Enjoy brunch. I look forward to the post write-up afterwards.

  5. Enjoy your brunch amongst the golden oldies and really pig out big time :-).

  6. Enjoy your blog meet Andrew and since you are having brunch I think you should all wear brunch coats. Something pink with frills and lace maybe. Or a floral fabric perhaps. But not the fluffy slippers, that's just tacky.

  7. & why was I not asked along?

  8. Tradie Brother and Dreaded Nephew? :-)
    I love garage sales. I should be there to help you, but alas I am here.
    Have fun with your blogger friends at brunch.

  9. It was not fun FruitCake.

    IWBG, I think a brunch coat is like a dressing gown?

    PDP, subsequent posts will fill you in. But oh did it rain.

    Victor, not too much to say, but pleasant.

    Windsmoke, I am a model of moderation in all matters. But a liar at times.

    Ah River, the mental image!!!

    Stephen, I heard it was your weekend for being tied up, or down.

    Tradesman Rubye, and his son has dreadlocks. I hate hosting garage sales. I don't mind going to them.

  10. Many apologies for not fronting.

    The road to Hell and blog meets is paved with good intentions.

    Up until the preceding two days in 3377 my intentions were good. (Apologies to that wonderful band 'The Animals')

    Mothers ... some children do 'ave 'em. (Apologies to both Frank Spencer and Arthur Beare.)

    Next time me ole china.

  11. It is Andrew !!! lol, my mother had some, always matched the nightie underneath lol I very proudly owned one when I was 8, to wear in hospital when I got my tonsills out


  12. LS, you were missed, but we managed to entertain ourselves without your scintillating presence.

    I seem to recall they may have been quilted IWBY.

  13. lol maybe in winter ??
    mine was cotton and floral :D

  14. oh BRUNCHCOATS! they were mostly quilted and patterned fabric, but glamorous slackers managed quilted velvet.
    and dear hawt ToyBoy, thanks for tipping the possibility that the term 'brunch' originated with the clothing, ie slackers who failed to dress between breakfast and lunch, and not with the mealtime, ie, breakfast so late that it is almost a lunch.

    Stephen? next time. and you can wear whatever you want to.
    X X