Thursday, November 24, 2011

Banned Music

I don't know of too many songs that were banned from radio airplay in Australia. I certainly remember Snoopy vs the Red Baron being played with a beep censoring out the word bloody. I doubt the beep version is online but it is not a bad tune. I can't listen to it without mentally adding in the beep.

Skyhooks walked a fine line at times and I believe Smut was banned.

One eighties song I liked very much was Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax. It was banned by the BBC. Not sure about here, but I can't remember hearing it on air.

What about Lou Reed's Take a Walk on the Wild Side? Was that banned?

All pretty mild stuff compared to what now passes as music known as rap.

I can't think of any more. There was probably a good bit of self censorship by radio stations, especially those with conservative owners. Do you know of any other banned songs?


  1. Why'd ya do it? Marianne Faithfull. Well ... a little naughtier than the beep red baron of germany.

    [Remember Arthur Rylah's disgust with posters of Michelangelo's David?]

  2. I know Minnie The Moocher was banned by the BBC. But I can't recall any songs being banned on Australian radio. Google's been no help.

    I loved that Snoopy v Red Baron song when I was a kid, possibly because it included the world "bloody" which I thought was the worst thing you could say...

  3. I remember all of those songs and heard them on the radio, including the unedited version of Snoop vs The Red Baron. Just recently I heard Relax coming over the PA at work. I don't think any of them were banned here in Aus, but I remember when the Snoopy one was bleeped. It seemed senseless to me, since most people had already heard the bloody version.

  4. Anonymous12:33 am

    While I don't think it was banned outright, I remember Skyhooks'
    'Why don't you all get f****ed!' being censored. V.

  5. I don't remember that one FruitCake. I only got to know her in her later years. I like her.

    Smudgeon, I remember about Minnie the Moocha now. I will have to listen to it to remember what was naughty about it. So you got the uncensored Red Baron. The old days, when saying the word bum would have us hysterical with laughter.

    River, that amuses me about Relax coming over the PA. I wonder if management listened to the lyrics. Bloody has kind of fallen out of favour now as a swear word, replaced by worse.

    That one slipped my mind V, and it certainly was censored. I think even JJJ censored it.

  6. Working Class Hero by John Lennon was banned until John agreed to remove/beep out the two f words which i reckon ruined the song. Happily you can now hear the song with the two f words restored its the way John Lennon wrote it :-).

  7. Windsmoke, hard to imagine a Beatles song being banned. I, of course, am too young to remember much about them.

  8. The Sharp's "Scratch My Back" was banned for the lyrics:
    "show me show me scratch me blow me"

    Apparently this was far too rude!

  9. Fen, the song title and the group don't ring a bell, but the line does. Another one to You Chube.

  10. Relax by FGTH was played freely in Australia and I disagree with Fen saying that 'Scratch my back' by The Sharp was banned - I heard it on Adelaide radio stations all the time.

    Had a chuckle the other day when shopping here in Migros, Switzerland's version of Coles. They were playing 'Hot and Cold' by Katy Perry and thoughtfully bleeped out, 'You PMS like a b**ch, I should know' but the next song obviously went over the manager's head because it was F**k You by CeLo Green played in its unbleeped entirety. Maybe it was a discreet message to us customers?

  11. Kath, perhaps most people were stupid like me and never actually listened to the words of Relax, until the 2000s. Can't you get away with a lot in a foreign language, assuming the songs played in the supermarket were in English. It is hard enough to hear song lyrics without it being in not your first language.

  12. The bit in 'Walk On The Wild Side' where Lou sings "but she never lost the thread, even when she was giving head" was censored on The Kenny Everitt Video Show when it was played on ABC TV.

  13. Brilliant PB. I remember the show.

  14. Kath maybe Adelaide people aren't as uptight, it was definitely banned. There's reference to it here and there on the internoodles. I was friends with the guys in the band, that's how I found out!

  15. Anonymous11:23 pm

    I really do not really like Snoopy vs The Red Baron or other Red Baron-era Snoopy songs they pure 100% awful and annoying, someday Snoopy will die as soon as his getting rid of his flying ace nonsense then everybody will be back to normal as usual.