Friday, October 14, 2011

Wishing me

I sit here alone in a melancholic and just in a slightly hungover state on the morning of my birthday with not a glass of bubbles, but a rapidly cooling cup of coffee. I am used to cold coffee. I have grown used to it. In a few hours I must go to work. I expect R will stay up late enough tonight to wish me happy birthday, or maybe not. It is not a significant birthday.

Last Saturday night we celebrated my birthday with our brother friends at the local pub. Everyone else was busy. They brought along their friend, the owner of probably the best known Thai restaurant north of the Yarra. We have met him before. He is ok, although when he mentioned the unions holding Qantas to ransom, I decided politics was not to be the conversation for the evening.

There won't be a family get together for my birthday. I am not really displeased, although I think this is a first. There won't be a gathering of friends. Again, I don't mind but another first.

R took me out last night to a posh restaurant with a 25% off voucher. We caught the bus. We romantically dodged fast moving bicycles and walked along the river at Southbank to get a tram home and saw the illuminations on Hamer Hall. We forcefully exited the tram by deliberately brushing past a bit hard the people who were standing in the doorway of the tram. Life is good.

I then opened my two gifts, a book from R and a book from our friend in Japan. Can you believe she left it here when she visited a couple of months ago and I did not know. I must be getting old.

You know what would really cheer me? If I get some comments wishing me happy birthday. My internet life will be validated.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW! -I think you deserve more than a cold coffee - hit the streets and treat yourself to a cafe crema and a macaron pistache - Enjoy your day!

  2. Have a good one Shirley, me ole china.

  3. Happy Birthday but where's the cake photo? You could have titillated us with a luscious cake. Did you get your Seniors Card yet? I am disappointed, they've taken the discount off Wendy's ice-creams.
    I'm going to Southland and I'll look for a cake for you then I'll sample it.


  4. Anonymous9:32 am

    Another year closer to retirement, Happy Birthday you melancholy old sod. :)

  5. Joyeux Anniversaire Andrew!

    Sometimes it's fun to get birthday wishes in a foreing laguage.

    I never celebrate my birthday, so I'm never melancholic on June 4th!
    I'm just happy to have my loved one anytime we can meet. So, to me, everyday is my bithday, my mom's birthday, my sister's birthday, my friends' birthday...

  6. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday Dear DrewAn,
    Happy birthday to you!

  7. "Did you get your Seniors Card yet?"

    The next step on that slippery slope down to Tobin Brothers is when you hit 65 and you get a colon cancer test pack from the government.

    And yes, this morning for me was somewhat *crappy*, and indeed one does feel a bit of a gross Pooh Bear putting a vile/vial laden postpak into the postbox.

  8. Happy birthday Andrew, a good validation is the least we can give you for your birthday.


  10. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Happy birthday Andrew! At least Melbourne has turned on one of its finest days for you...

  11. Sedgwick? the person whose workday deals with those vials is just so not-to-be-envied.

    A beautiful balmy day for your birthday dear Hot Andrew and congratulations on your attainment of another notch on the cell wall of Life.

    I too have done that 'oops-I-bumped-you-stupid' in the tram/train doorway trick.
    When there are seats available it is poor style.

  12. Happy birthday Andrew ;-)

  13. And of course Andrew, we all want to see the polaroids of you jumping out of the birthday cake in your birthday suit.

    "Your candle may burn out long before
    Your legend ever does."
    (With apologies to Elfin John.)

  14. Happy Birthday!! I KNEW there was a good reason for being inspired to write another 'Scenic Public Toilet' post on my blog! Consider it a gift ...

    Hope the day's been great and that the night's even better!!

  15. My dear birthday boy, I found you the most delicious lemon curd tart topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls.
    The black coffee was a dream and I thoroughly enjoyed it for you.


  17. Happy Birthday!!
    Cold coffee is no way to celebrate. You should get out and have something delicious at a good cafe.
    How old does one have to be to get a seniors card?
    Aren't you only 26 or thereabouts?

  18. And a happy birthday from me too. Surely too young for a seniors card.

  19. Happy Birthday Andrew!
    You had your beloved R with you, you were in Melbourne and even though your coffee was cold, it's still *coffee*
    Kath xo

  20. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Maybe you're not getting old...R and I are getting sneakier!!


  21. Your good wishes all deserve an individual response, but there are so many, I will just say thanks. Now, onto snow ploughs.

  22. Happy Birthday!!!

    Sorry I'm a day late.

  23. One of the advantage of having global friends is that it's still your birthday a day after your here's well wishes from Singapore on a Friday at 22:54pm (Singapore time)

  24. Well I couldn't bear to think that your internet life might not be validated. Happy belated birthday!

  25. I'm not going to be bullied by cheap hints and wish you a happy birthday but then again I already did so in another medium.

    Grr humbug.


  26. Thanks again, and grumpy, you were the only one who remembered without a hint.

  27. Been missing in the comments for a bit but I gotta say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! All the very best :) Ian X

  28. aw babes, I haven't been traversing through my reader, alas I missed the day of your birth. Not to worry, I miss most people's because I'm rather rubbish at remembering n stuff.

    Tonight I shall cook a roast in honour of your birthday and I might even find me some cake or something equally as delish and toast your existence on this earth. Something like that anyway.

    You did have a lovely day for it, should've told me and I could've snuck out of work and had a hot coffee with you.

  29. Missing in the publishing too Ian, but thanks.

    I had to work anyway Fen.