Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Touching down a scrum

Victor is going to get stuck into me for my rugby errors, but I believe it is the posh rugby that has been played in New Zealand over the last few weeks. New Zealand seems to be a cursed country at the moment. Just like in Australia, rogue ships take short cuts and ground on reefs and cause shocking environmental damage. Just like in Australia, authorities are supposed to control movements of ships. That would be a fail for authorities then, but don't expect to hear a mea culpa.

This rugby thing must have been quite good for New Zealand. While I care little for sports, I do like economies to be boosted by activities and action, and I think many towns in New Zealand have been. Yep, give them a party and no one will wonder about the bigger picture.

I am sure I saw two Australia versus New Zealand rugby scores a couple of night ago. One had Australia winning magnificently and the other had had us losing. It must be a posh rugby versus the bogan rugby thing.

I think I am now talking about rugby league now, but one Ms Wendy Harmer, a passionate supporter of the Sydney Manly team, made a comment that most of her team knew the words to the New Zealand national anthem and sang along, whereas very few knew the words to Australia's nation anthem and did not sing along. We can only conclude the obvious as to where most of her Sydney team were born and grew up.

We Aussies have a long and proud history of stealing high achieving Kiwis from a country that does seem to punch above its weight in the world. The list of Kiwis we claim to be ours is long and benefits Australia no end.


  1. Yes Andrew (write I, trying to be as patient as I can be with a child who simply refuses to learn something) it has been the 'posh' Rugby Union which has been played endlessly in New Zealand for the past month. They have hosted the World Cup and it was New Zealand playing Australia in the semi final last Sunday. New Zealand deservedly gave Australia a thrashing.

    By coincidence on the same day, and only hours earlier, New Zealand played Australia in Australia in a one off test match of the 'working man's' Rugby League variety. In that one the 'working men' of Australia deservedly thrashed the 'working men' of New Zealand.

    So it is one all in Trans Tasman hostilities.

    As for where they grew up, well that is a real stew. Public enemy number 1 in Australia's Rugby Union side (one Quade Cooper) actually grew up in New Zealand. (No Australian mother of a Rah Rah Rugby Union player could name a son Quade, could she?).

    On the other hand most of the NZ'ers seem to have been born in or descended from the Pacific Islands.

  2. Sport?

  3. You just make sure you are cheering for the "right" team on Sunday night eh- Australasian solidarity and all that!!! Go Black!!!!

  4. You've been listening to too much radio ;)

  5. Recalcitrant student Victor? I am now educated......until the next time. Why can't it be forty paces over who invented the pavlova. I would understand that better.

    Sport itself is boring River, but associated stuff can be interesting.

    Of course KN, Australasia. We use that when we lose and NZ wins. Australasia wins again.

    Yeah Fen, and your point is? Actually for this post my sources were tv, radio, newspapers, podcsts, the net and blogs. It might not look like much went into the post, but quite a bit of recently learned knowledge did. I could have written a fact after fact post, but that would be no fun would it.

  6. No point at all. I tend not to make them very often.

  7. Don't understand Rugby i prefer AFL especially the BOMBERS :-).

  8. Good Fen, no point at all.

    I suppose some understand rugby Windsmoke but I am with you. I don't know and I don't care.

  9. Oops, I seriously misread your post headline, I thought you were making reference to touching down to a scrotum.

    (Apologies for my balls up.)

  10. LS, while I am fond of a decent pair of hangers, that linked story is extreme. How come the richest country in the world can't fix the problem?

  11. Maybe is not what it seems. http://www.mybigworldofcrap.org/2011/10/19/how-big-is-his-dick/