Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stop, thief

We were in our local green grocer, one that happens to sell many other lines as well as fruit and vegetables. The woman who we have named Mama San (a name we use for any older Asian born boss lady) rushed out from the back room speaking loudly and excitedly in Chinese to the girl operating the cash register. She was also pointing to the kindly looking older European gentleman who the cash register lass was serving.

The girl said told the man that he had something in his coat pocket that he should not have. She insisted he show what was in his pocket. He held his hands outstretched flat, indicating he had nothing. The girl became more insistent and then Mama San started on him. He pulled his wallet from his pocket, again indicating that was all he had in his pocket. The Mama San's voice rose even louder and she was air jabbing in the direction of his pocket. Eventually out came a tin of tuna.

We were being served by another person and at that point we had paid and we left as it appeared the drama was over and the tuna thief caught red handed. We walked to the car and put our goodies in the boot and headed towards the supermarket. Ah, drama was not over.

Mama San and one of her male staff, one that shows a rather nice rear cleavage when he is bending down and stacking melons, had the man corralled outside the shop and I could see they had other merchandise in their hands, presumable extracted from his pockets. We diverted a little to hear what was going on. "You never come back to my shop. You never come here again", Mama San was screaming in his face. An Aussie couple walked past and I heard her say to him, "Don't interfere", and they did not. I am not sure what interference they thought to do. Things seemed to be being handled rather well.

I always thought cctv in the green grocers was a bit over the top, with even display screens around the shop. But apparently not, and when Mama San is not watching her staff like a hawk from the shop floor, she is obviously in the back room monitoring the cctv.

I doubt he will return to the shop and he is lucky the cops weren't called.


  1. Good on her and, yes, he's damn lucky she didn't have him charged, possibly not the first five fingered discount he's pocketed.

  2. Hello Andrew:
    Indeed, what drama. It certainly gives an edge to buying a cabbage. And so often, or so we are led to believe, it is those who are more likely to be able to afford the items who succumb to shoplifting.

  3. ugh people are so brazen. I wouldn't dare!!

  4. It's a pity all the big supermarkets don't hire a Mama San.
    They keep saying that lost profits due to theft are a big cause of rising prices.....
    (nothing at all to do with bigger dividends for shareholders and top managerial positions, no, not at all. Hah!)

  5. If it was me i'd dob this lowlife into the police straight away. Letting him off scott free encourages him to shoplift else where :-).

  6. Jayne, yes I expect he is an habitual.

    JayLa, it was hard to tell whether he was comfortably off or not, but most Euro his age have a house in a good area that they bought cheaply decades ago.

    Imagine the humiliation of getting caught Fen.

    River, I've always thought cutting the wages of the front line staff would be a good way to improve shareholder's returns.

  7. Windsmoke, I suspect she would balance the disruption to her business by having the police against dealing with it herself. Of course, if he offends there, he will offend elsewhere.