Friday, October 14, 2011

Snow Ploughing

It is not something we would think about in Australia, but piling snow causes problems for trains in certain countries, so the snow has to be 'ploughed' off the tracks. From what I can see, either momentum with angled ploughs push the snow to the side, or if the train is fast, throw the snow aside, or a combination of the plough and blowers are used.

I remember our friend in Japan telling us that some tracks in Japan have constantly running water sprinklers along the tracks to melt the snow, somewhat amazing for us who live in such a dry continent.

This clip is a quickie for you to get the idea. God help anything under the snow.

This clip is much longer and perhaps will please steam enthusiasts.


  1. OMG! I don't wanna see this now... we're just one month and a half away from the first blizzard!!!

  2. And again I say I'm glad I live where I live!

  3. The only trouble we have in Australia is with buckled rails. It now happens more often because some dropkick decided to weld up the expansion gaps :-).

  4. Seeing the title of your post made me realise that I have a really, really dirty mind.

  5. It DOES happen here, although not to the same degree! I recall sitting above the Adelaide tram line and watching the whole thing come to a grinding halt during a freak hailstorm!!

  6. Congratulations Birthday Friend, this is the very first time in all my years I've seen/heard something interesting about snow.
    Thank You.

  7. Sorry Jon. It is intriguing for us to see.

    Yeah Jayne, me too really.

    Windsmoke, yes of course. Why haven't I heard that before? It is conspiracy. No clickity clack comes at a cost.

    Ad Rad. You are a wicked lad. Yeah, I get it.

    Adelaide tram drivers are pussies Red. Plough on.

    Another one to send to your bro perhaps Fruitcake?