Friday, October 21, 2011

Royal Park

Without a proper map as my phone maps had let me down, I had to rely on memory of where the wetlands were in Royal Park, and I failed. Walk with me.

It was pretty warm in the sun, and for once I remembered to bring a cap, which I put on. I stopped in the shade of a tree to look at my phone map, and noticed some paper dangling from overhead. It was an active nest, as a bird flew out, maybe a wattle bird.

A pretty patch of oxalis?

I looked one way and I could have been miles from the city.

I looked the other way and it was clear that I was close to the heavy Elliot Avenue and Flemington Road traffic.

I thought I should walk up Manningham Street but I was waylaid by this slightly faded but nice looking house, a gatekeepers house I think. The porthole window is wonderful.

Then I saw the sign 700 metres to Royal Park Station. Ok, the track seems to go the wrong way, but I will follow it. Grumble. Seem to be going uphill a lot. I am getting hot.

Sentry boxes for very short sentries?

Anzac Hall. There were more modern associated buildings. I wonder if this was where the army camp was that Cazzie has written about?

The stupid City Link toll road yellow sticks make their presence felt, even in the park.

The city is not far away.

I seem to be at the high point now. What are these large buildings poking up between the trees out west? One had a curved metal roof.

I would have taken closer photos of this fungus, but I am afraid of joe blakes. It seemed a bit odd to me that the fungus was growing in bright full sunlight. I was walking along the side of the railway line now.

This is a real leg. I saw it moving. I snapped the photo so quickly and moved on, I did not give the camera time to focus. While I might be described as 'adventurous', my imagination could not come up with an explanation as to what was happening.

The State Netball and Hockey Centre, constructed for 2006 Commonwealth Games.

I did not dare take a photo, so sorry gentlemen and ladies, but two lasses were sunbathing in quiet area surrounded by trees. One had her top off. Although I am no expert, they appeared to be a full and upright set.

With relief I spot the back of the zoo and tram wires. That was a very long 700 metre walk.

I intended catching the train and I thought one must be due as I hadn't heard one go past. Then in the distance I heard an approaching tram. It will take me almost to my front door. I hopped on and immediately regretted my snap decision. Had I have caught the train to Flinders Street and the tram home from there, it would have taken half the time. Traffic light after traffic light, people on, people off. I did get to see the new traffic light treatment at the Haymarket roundabout. Seemed ok. The tram crawled through the city and then I was home. Also noted was the new Children's Hospital, about to be reRoyaled when our HM Liz officially opens it next week. The hospital looked quite good. Far be it for me to deny poor little sick kiddies, but it seems odd that our permanently stretched health budget can afford a million dollar aquarium and a live meerkat enclosure for their pleasure. Still, a pittance compared to waste of dollars on the annual Grand Pricks car race.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    An alternative Australian tour which we have certainly enjoyed far more than the official HM The Queen version with which we are bombarded from every English newspaper (online, of course).

    Our imaginations can well grasp what the person attached to the leg was doing but we are grateful that modesty has prevailed throughout your posting, including that for the topless bathers.

    What wonderful weather you look to be having. Decidedly chilly, damp and windy here!!

  2. Now that photo with the leg sticking out of it has me intrigued - some years ago the kids stuck a fake arm out of the boot part of our kombi without telling me and couldn't understand the looks I was getting till their giggling gave it away - the hand was made to look long dead

  3. I love porthole windows and remember a house along Warrigul Road had one. I always looked for it whenever we drove that way. It was back from the road, weatherboard, huge garden but now I can't remember exactly where and units have been built right to the road. Don't you love developers.

  4. The leg sticking out the back of the truck reminded me when we were bored at work one day and rammed two pieces timber in the ground and covered them with the bottom half of a pair of overalls and a pair work boots, it looked like someone was buried head first in the ground with just their legs sticking out :-).

  5. Bracket Fungus is the culprit in your pic, didn't know it was sun-hardy, though (Feral teen isn't here to ask, otherwise he'd give me chapter and verse about it).

    I fear you would not like our Sunday walks up Dunolly way....14kms round trip to nearby Goldsborough; no wetlands but several echidnas, a scorpian (shiny black bugger) and gazillions of pretty song birds.
    With Joe Blakes staying hidden in the undergrowth (thank god).

  6. It's a bloody big park, that one. For Sapphire's 10th birthday we were supposed to take a short walk to the zoo but of course got lost and ended up tramping for kilometres.

    The kids were very good about it (ie we didn't tell them that we were lost) and were exhausted by the time the zoo visit, lunch and the walk back home for birthday cake had arrived!

  7. JayLa, I am surprised the English media are taking an interest. We certainly don't when HM travels to Canada. Melbourne's weather is described as changeable, and changed it certainly has.

    MC, on the photo is looks fake, but I can ensure you it isn't. We had a similar experience with a mannequin left on a couch in the block of apartments next door.

    Jah Teh, my grandmother's house is North Road had a port hole window. Must take a photo one day.

    Lol Windsmoke. Good one.

    Jayne, you are right. Fourteen kilometres is a long way. I not like, but sounds interesting. Pleased you saw echidnas. I think their numbers have dropped a lot.

    Kath, that sounds like you tortured your daughter. Hope it was a good cake as a reward.