Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Melbourne

Robert Doyle is his name, and as Lord Mayor of Melbourne I didn't think he was doing a bad job, especially as he was in the past a Liberal Party politician. Some one hundred odd peaceful protesters who are against the extremes of capitalism have occupied our City Square for nearly a week.

Lord Mayor Doyle contacted the police to find out if they would come out in force if he issued an eviction order for the City Square. Come out in force they did, using pressure point tactics on the obstinate and capsicum spray on the unwilling. They went in with horses and dogs, using tactics they have no doubt studied overseas.

The protesters have been moved on at the cost of massive disruption to the city and its public transport. While I don't think this is over yet, in many eyes, and certainly mine, Doyle has lost respect to an unrecoverable degree.

Day in, day out, week in week out, year in year out anti abortion protesters harass women visiting a not so far away birth control and abortion clinic, but Doyle seems to think this is ok, yet peaceful protesters are driven out of the City Square after less than a week of occupying it.

A couple of businesses will be relieved at his actions I suppose. Fintona Girls' School can have their speech night at the Town Hall without having to see the great unwashed who are protesting about the manner in which their fathers may have earned their wealth. The City Square is once again available to commercial organisations to promote their wares. Not that Our Liz will be up at Collins Street, but there will be no danger of her being exposed to the riff raff. Well done Lord Mayor Doyle. Now how about cleaning up all that nasty graffiti in Hosier Lane? Why not go the whole hog on sterility.


  1. Strike are everywhere...this year will be the fall kapitalism

  2. The equivalent protest is ongoing in Sydney. Whatever laws were breached in Melbourne it appears our laws are different and no offences are being committed up here, so the police watch and the protesters protest. I suppose one or other side will tire of it soon.

  3. Even here in Geneva, home of banking and inordinate wealth, there's a teepee and about 12 die hards protesting in front of the art gallery!

    Good point re Doyle's so-called removal process. If they weren't doing any harm, why did he bother?

  4. What a very strange overreaction by Doyle on this occasion, I should imagine he might slip a little in many people's estimation over this. I guess I must be 'a woman of a certain age' as they say in France, don't you just love it.. because I've always enjoyed Noel Coward's rendition of Let's Fall in Love..what's not to love!! Hope you have an excellent weekend.

  5. Mr Doyle and the Victoria Police should be condemned for this violent over reaction. I wouldn't be surprised if the businesses surrounding the City Square had something to do with it as well :-).

  6. I saw a YouTube video of the removal- very violent approach by the police- it would be difficult to maintain faith in them after such an event.

  7. Doyle is what he always was, no better alas and certainly to be expected. But the police behaviour was appalling. I feel like it is back to breaking heads, a la Vietnam protests in the late 1960s :(

  8. Bali, it would be nice to make capitalism uncomfortable at least.

    A wise decision by your gov Victor. No real offence was committed here either over the week.

    Kath, you would know better than I, but I believe Switzerland is not completely made up of the rich. Business pressure pushed Doyle I expect. They marched again today, in the rain.

    PDP, he has certainly slipped in my estimation. Everyone it taking expected positions, with the Labor opposition cautiously approving. I am surprised everyone was so familiar with Coward.

    Windsmoke, without a doubt they did. One is probably and influential Liberal Party member.

    KN, seem like 400 police were involved, but you try a get one if you are in trouble.

    Hels, I suppose you are right. Leopard and spots and all that. It is that pressure point tactic that really scares me. I can remember it being used in the past and it is horrible. I think of it as a calculated assault.

  9. They were on the scene pretty fast last year when I had my accident- ped vs car is often far more serious I guess, and I was pretty lucky. Two arrived just after the ambulance and were trying to talk to me while the ambos were trying to get a blood pressure reading. (It was v low cos of shock.) Then two more plain clothes arrived. But when it seemed I wasn't too bad, they left it to the 2 in uniform...

  10. Doyle slipped in my estimation about two minutes after taking office. Why am I so cynical about promises such as 'no globetrotting at the taxpayers' expense just for the halibut'?
    I think I read some corporation had prepaid/booked this public space for one day this week, and therefore it was [temporarily] not available for the use of the great unwashed.
    La plus ca change 'n all that.

  11. Yes, no doubt commercial interests were behind the timing.

  12. The police will always be dragged out to protect the interests of commerce above and beyond all else

  13. History proves your point MC.


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