Thursday, October 13, 2011

The now not so grimy back streets of South Yarra

I recently took a stroll in the back streets of South Yarra, just east of Chapel Street to be precise. I was gobsmacked at the redevelopment of what was a light industrial area along with streets of cottages.

South Yarra was not always the upmarket area it now is. The Jam Factory was actually a jam factory and across the railway line was an abattoir. The soon to be demolished Capitol Bakeries was a bakery, and before that a cable tram engine house. Now medium rise and high rise apartment towers have or are being built. Bars are starting to open and the Chapel Street cafes are spreading into the side streets.

A bit of a ho hum photo, but you can see what has been happening in the back streets of South Yarra.

This house has decided it is not going away, in spite of the attempt at intimidation by the neighbouring buildings.

This is the childhood home of a lady who has and has published her memories at the City of Stonnington website. The house is larger than I thought. I never noticed the street gate when I took the photo. Why is that there?


  1. The first thing that popped into my bizarre mind was that the house reminded me of a pimple on ya bottom sore and not wanted!!. From memory i think the jam facory was owned by IXL, correct me if i'm wrong :-).

  2. I walked down that street 5 or 6 days a week for a while when I worked in the area and it has definitely been through a lot of change. The giant gate is closed most nights in an attempt to alleviate the number of hotted up cars that do 'laps of Chaps' (no, not leather chaps....Chapel St)

  3. The last couple of photos look very much like Flemington. *sniffle*

  4. There's some really nice older houses in the back streets. I should take some pics one day.

  5. Windsmoke, the little house being kept clearly stymied a really big development. Jam Factory was IXL, Henry Jones IXL.

    Evol, all those testosterone and cum filled young men doing laps? I would not care for that. To people of my age, Chaps was a bar.

    Kath, I might just go Flemmo with my camera and then make you really cry. Actually, without knowing where you lived exactly, I might do so anyway. I've done Kensington.

    In that part of SY Fen? Many would be nice inside, but most not so great outside.

  6. That poor little house being squashed and overshadowed by the big "bullies". I wonder what will happen to it when the current owner leaves/dies? The space seems to be too small to do anything with now that both sides are built up so much.

  7. River, it will be on its own title. At a guess it is owned by people in their forties. One of their children might choose to live in it or it may be sold. The new buyer might keep it as it is, or demolish it and build their own very swank place. Its footprint is probably too small on its own to interest developers.

  8. Very pleasant little walk. Thanks for bringing us along!