Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The not tidy Little Jo

Sister, Bone Doctor, Little Jo and Fuzzy Coco stayed for a few days at an acquaintance's property near Mansfield during the school holidays. There was no tv, internet or phone reception. Not sure that I would care for that.

Little Jo had what you might call a breakfast nook all on her own for her craft and art work. At about the third day, she complained to her mother that her craft table was a mess and Mummy had not tidied it. Over to you young lady, and Little Jo did as she was told and put everything in order.

However, on her last visit to the tall house, Little Jo was just as messy as always. It is artistic talent. An artist can't be bothered with the triviality of being tidy. We, her minions, will do the picking up. Now if she was my child......


  1. Not that I'm taking sides or anything, but cleaning up one's artistic space is the surest way to lose something for all eternity.
    But in somebody else's home, of course the rules must be different.

  2. Artists are always messy.
    You've seen Pro Hart and that carpet, right?
    Ha Ha

  3. The recent Modern Family episode was all about that.

  4. When she's rich and famous, she'll do you right... meanwhile, pick up all those shredding...

  5. Mother done the right thing and told her to clean up her own mess gotta teach 'em while they're young because when they are out on their own in the real world mum's not going to be around to tidy up :-).

  6. Fruitcake, not to be unkind, but when she makes something worth keeping...

    Indeed River. Why don't they make ads like that anymore?

    Dina, I think we are about to get a new series of MF, maybe it has started already. A moment of syncronicity.

    Michael, when she is rich and famous, will she push our wheelchairs around? I think not.

    Windsmoke, there aren't rules. My mother bred one ultra tidy, one tidy, one a bit messy and one very messy.

  7. I find myself saying that more and more about kids -

  8. LOL
    It gives you and R something to keep you busy... :P

  9. It must be our age MC.

    Yeah Jayne, like we have nothing else to do.

  10. You worry about little Jo, I'm dealing with a 39 year old teenager who thinks clothes walk to the laundry and wash themselves. And I am about to start throwing dishes out the front door to remind him that they don't walk to the kitchen and wash themselves.

  11. Jah Teh, I would think that clothes that don't make it to the laundry don't get washed. Nothing like being unable to walk around your bedroom without stepping on things as an incentive.