Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Lizzie Tram

I was just sure they would select a black person to drive Betty and Phil from Fed Square to Government House Drive, but no, from the minorities of gays, lesbians, Asians, Anglos and others, they chose a woman and not a black person who would really represent Melbourne's trams, and I think the back up driver is a woman too. Ah well, she looks presentable and no danger of Phil making another bad taste comment about race. Rumour has it that the internal driver's door has been removed in case Betty or Phil want to have a word with her. No Phil, don't touch that lever and don't press that big red button.

It rather keeps with the girl thing that has happened in Australia. HM gets off her plane and is met by our Prime Minister, a woman, our Governor General, a woman and the ACT Chief Minister, a woman. HM goes for a cruise on Brisbane River and is met by the Queensland Premier, a woman and the State Governor, a woman. Jesus, people might get the wrong idea and actually think women have a lot of power and influence in Australia. Well, there is Gina Rinehart, but I'll save dissing her for another day.

Herald Sun newspaper.

Mal Rowe.

Back in 1954 when Liz first visited Australia, Sydney went to some effort in decorating trams. I am not sure if she rode on them. The roof crown is rather camp, is it not? I expect half of Australia turned out to see her then. Now it might be half a per cent, no, not even that. Note the quality of the photos from back in 1954 (always good to say something nice when you steal online photos).

Noel Reed.

Noel Reed.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    As we are staunch Republicans [not in the sense of the political party of the USA], women or no women, decorated trams or not, we are somewhat heartened to read that, in comparison with earlier visits, the number of people lining the streets to glimpse HM The Queen is vastly reduced. Some sense prevails. Or so we think but this is a personal view and not one we necessarily expect to be shared!

  2. The monarchists were out in force on Sydney radio yesterday crowing about the size of the crowds in Queensland (where else!) for HM's visit the day before. Even that other Queen, Prof Flint, was wheeled out.

    By the way, what will the Royal Tram be used for after today's joy ride?

  3. Are we becoming a matriarchal society in Australia or has political correctness gone a tad overboard??? :-).

  4. I hope they managed to do a proper job cleaning the inside of the tram to remove the graffiti, chewing gum, finger nail clippings and, most importantly of all, the stench of urine and sweat.

  5. My feeling is that not too many Australians care about royalty any longer, at least not those born since 1939.

    But the alternatives, France and the USA in particular, are far worse. Until someone guarantees an Australian head of state who represents all citizens and is TOTALLY above politics and power, noone will change to a republic.

    Imagine having a president who could veto legislation passed by the people i.e Parliament. I think I would emigrate.

  6. Oh, errr, I do love those crowns on the roof!
    Now she's Queen of The Trammed :P

  7. Lovely destination sign in the first photo: "Royal Tramer".

    Is that as in Tramer vs Tramer, Lion Tramer and Personal Tramer?

    So much for the Queen's English - if she doesn't get the message by now, she never will.

  8. JayLa, I think it is as much seeing a celebrity as anything now.

    Victor, Flint was bleating about not being invited to meet her, anywhere, haha. The tram will be in service in for the next year in its decorated state.

    Windsmoke, you could take a certain view, but then all seem pretty worthy of their office.

    AdRad, I should think they would clean it well. It had very new looking seats, which is probably where most odours reside.

    Hels, I think you are quite correct. We don't really care, but as you say, if we presented with another referendum like Howard's, we will just reject the option and go the default of what we have.

    Queen of the Trammed Jayne? Oh.

    FruitCake, I heard this on the radio this morning too. It was a scrolling destination, Royal Tram ER, as in Lizs' Regina.

  9. Bah humbug! you lot, go Queenie!! I just don't get what the problem is? Oooo er! now I've done it. Come on we're all entitled to an opinion, don't hate me for it haha!!

  10. Anonymous12:15 am

    the crowds were as good as ever. she ius always a hit with children too.

  11. PDP, I am not going to spoil your pleasure. All admit her grace and how well she has acquitted herself generally throughout her life, although with the slight Dianna hitch. Just about to write a post with my poor photo I snapped of her.

    Children love her Anon, without the indoctrination that people my age received.

  12. There may be a lot of high falutin' wimmins about, but those of us in the "caring" professions that are women are still getting a shitty wage that we have to fight to increase *sigh*

  13. And Fen, don't forget about the men who also work in those same supposed caring professions.

  14. Very true, we have a handful in the whole of our organisation. Of course the CEO is a male!


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