Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just another Sunday

While Sister and Bone Doctor rode around the bay, well half of the bay, 100 kilometres from Sorrento to town, to raise funds for charity, along with thousand of others, R and I separately took our own exercise. R went to a party in the afternoon and I took Mother out for lunch.

Mother is suffering quite badly from arthritis at the moment and has sprained her wrist, so she had a perfect right to talk about medical matters, but for my whole visit? Mostly my diversionary tactics lasted only a couple of minutes and she back to matters medical. Still, we had a nice lunch at Lady Lavender's Tea Rooms (Lord Sedgwick, I am warning you). It is not cheap, and for good reasons. It is very nice. The place was certainly turning over the tables. Later the devonshire tea crowds would arrive. When we entered, I was the youngest person there.

Our intention was to go to Serendipity Lavender Farm for lunch. I turned off the highway where the Serendipity Farm sign was. I then turned off the main road onto a gravel road, then onto almost a bush track and we arrived, only to be greeted with the sign, Permanently Closed. It is also a pet cemetery, but I don't know the status of that. What a pity a sign at the highway did not say Serendipity Permanently Closed. I now have dust on my car from the gravel roads. I am not sure that my car has ever been off bitumen. Now it is an off roader. Being an eleven year old car, it already lets the Highrise car park down with its presence among mostly much newer and expensive cars. Now it has dust on it. That won't do at all in the Highrise carpark. I will have to wash it I guess. Bah.

We went back to Mother's town after lunch. She had to go to a department store to change a brassiere. Wire cutting into her? I don't know about such things. She also found a hat to garden in to buy. She is known for her hats. Chuppa Chups, 3 for $1. I'll have those. They are good for keeping Little Jo quiet for a while I have been known to like the occasional suck too. I left the store under the gaze of the security guard with the three unpaid for Chuppa Chups in my hand. "Your Honour, I really truly meant to pay for them." I took them back in and paid for them and had to wait a decent time to be served.

On the way home I diverted to drive past the soon to be opened Cardinia Station. It looks like a big bus shelter, not my idea of a railway station at all. I predict it will be very busy. It will initially draw passengers away from Pakenham Station and perhaps Officer, but both of those will quickly recover as there will be even more people using the train. The housing developments that are underway are unbelievable.

Oh yeah, on our way to lunch, we drove past the the Gumbya Park bird that was blown up.


  1. I'm glad you didn't get arrested for stealing the Chuppa Chups; although it might have made a good blog post.

    I think young or old....people love talking about their health problems. I thought it was just a Jewish thing, but now I'm thinking it's probably universal.

  2. Hope the police find the people who blew up the Gumbya Park bird and throw the book at 'em :-(.

  3. Dina, I can do without an experience like to write about. Yes, a lot of people do bang on about their health.

    Hope so too Windsmoke, although it looked nothing like it does on the website or in the papers. It looked quite shabby.

  4. I consider myself *warned* off.

    (Pity Liz Hurley wasn't likewise.)

  5. And did Lady Lavender's tea room provide the promised 'ambience' that took 'you out of time and place' as promised on their promotional material?

    Chup-a-chups for you; three 35 centime (roughly 50c) greeting cards for me. Found them in the bottom of my green shopping bags when I got home. The serious Swiss authorities will no doubt be knocking on my door.....

  6. Oh my Nan has been on about bras and digging in underwire. So I told her to buy a sports bra and she did, she's wrapped!

    Sounds like you had a busy day.

  7. LS, he obviously has something going for him.

    Kath, the ambience was nice. It did not quite take us of time and place. Do be careful when you do your shoplifting. We don't want an international incident.

    Fen,I will mention them to Mother. Might be just the thing.