Wednesday, October 05, 2011


American and Australian celebs would probably be horrified at the thought of using public transport, but not so your London celeb. You can find them on the Tube anytime, anywhere. Here is some clever celeb spotting by Annie Mole of the London Underground Tube Diary. What a bonzer little tune from the imaginatively named Fine Young Cannibals.


  1. I got caught up with the paparazzi in Dublin one day, quite by accident. A young woman suddenly ran into the arms of an older man, and they embraced, just before all the cameras arrived. She was clearly a 'target' and she had beaten them to an embrace before they arrived. I have absolutely no idea who she was, or who he was, but I loved seeing some real-life paparazzi miss out on the money shots!

  2. Haha KN. Celebs sometimes win.