Saturday, October 29, 2011

Err, what?

I am just home from a nice meal out. The night is now spoilt. An email from a friend who is returning from Malaysia next week tells me Qantas planes are grounded. I check the electric newspapers and it appears to be true. I cannot believe it. This was Australia's proud airline, owned by the people. It is now a public company and operates to make a profit without a social conscience or a care for the Australian public or its workers.

Its CEO ups his pay to $5 million, even though he cannot manage industrial relations, the share price keeps dropping and it hasn't paid a dividend for many a year. Now the CEO has grounded all of his planes. If this is the new modern Australia, I want out of it.


  1. Sorry Andrew, you cannot just opt out of Australia just like that... there are no planes!

    As the airline claims to be losing $2 million a day [or is that a week?] I guess he thinks $5 mill won't make much difference.

  2. I saw the Ch. 10 news update earlier and thought sadly of the days when Qantas was proud to be known all over the world as Australia's best airline. We had a world-wide record for safety and service then.

  3. We sold our airline- then Labour bought it back when it had been pretty much bankrupted. Now it would seem likely National wants to sell it again. I hope the Qantas experience at least puts the brakes on that idea.

  4. Qantas ceo can be awarded an obscence pay rise but the workers can't get a brass razoo for a pay rise :-).

  5. I feel exactly the same Andrew -what the.. it feels like something is being orchestrated behind the scenes

  6. FruitCake, how can it be losing $2 million a day? And if it is, who's fault is it? I'm not rash enough to say I will never fly Qantas again, but it certainly won't be at the top of chosen list.

    River, I just do not see why it can't still be like that.

    KN, there is a salient lesson there. Air New Zealand held a similar status to Qantas in people's minds.

    No argument from me Windsmoke. Joyce is disgrace.

    MC, it seems this has been well planned, as the news leaks out.

  7. It's disgusting and shameful that he's been able to do what he's done.

  8. Qantas - I still call Australia Home... but do we want to call them Australian? I'm embarrassed with the way this organization is being mismanaged, embarrassed that they won't work with unions, and appalled about the executive pay raise - clearly you get a raise when you screw everything up...

  9. Jayne, I suspect maybe he is at the top to do some union busting and then pretty well shut Qantas down.

    Hi Displaced. You are not alone. It is a sad time in Australia's history. I think it is the beginning of the end for Qantas.


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