Monday, October 24, 2011

Da Liz do cometh

A rich old woman, born to rule, a parasite on society, an irrelevance in the 21st century, a perpetrator of the English class system, an imposer on her frail sister who she would not allow to marry the man she loved. Yeah yeah yeah, indeed.

Yet, I promised to love honour and obey her until the day she died. She was omnipresent, her photo hung everywhere. I never feared her. You don't fear a benevolent ruler. I may have thought god was above her, but only just.

Wednesday is my day off, the very day she will be in Melbourne. My conscience is torn. I believe this will be her last visit to Australia, so shall I mix it with the bused in school kiddies to catch a glimpse of her as she passes by on a tram or shall rant against her reign? You can guess. She is my Queen. I am sometimes amused at how non practising catholics can never overcome the guilt that was planted in them at a young age. Amused I might be, but I understand. The republican me has been torn asunder at the thought of seeing her.

This seems a good time to slip in something R told me a while ago about the pink bits. Back in the 1950s pink bits meant something different to what it might mean now. A teacher with a pointer was showing R's class the pink bits on a wall map of the world, the countries that were still colonies or Commonwealth. Even I remember those maps. A very young R wondered why if he and his country owned all these places around the world, then how come he went to bed hungry at night because there wasn't enough food?


  1. omg we must have had the same maps. I remember the pink bits too!!!

  2. We used them too, and we were NOT part of the Commonwealth. [had our own colonies]

  3. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Let the Republican in you out - rant on Wednesday!!! If you feel guilty, picture a young R poor and hungry. Privileges by birthright should be abolished! V.

  4. Sad to imagine we were one of the pink of Tassie, anyone?

  5. Hi Andrew,
    I'm all for a new broom, meself. Out with the mindset that creates an empire, and in with a more egalitarian republic.
    Defender of the Faith? Divine Right to Rule? Prepostorous!

    I know it's a cliche but I think we can separate the lady from the title, and respect her a very great deal for who she is - a woman who presided over the dismantling of most of the empire she inherited; who without a vote made the most of her opportunities to speak; who has tried to walk that fine line between destroying the bits of monarchy that are still good for the UK, and ceding those things which were not [such as exemption from income tax]; and a woman with the character to honour her enormous sense of duty.

    If I could, I would go and take a peek as she passes. While I know there are lots of good people in the world who are invisible, it might be a long time before we see someone we KNOW to be a class act pass our way again.

  6. Hello Andrew:
    Well, we are of the mind that would give the Windsors an hour to pack a suitcase and to catch a bus on The Mall and leave. That is when we are feeling particularly generous.

    What never fails to amaze us is when times are at their most austere, more people than ever appear on the streets waving flags. Why is that?!!

  7. ooh maybe she'll drop in at our Aged Care Spring Party. She'll fit right in!

  8. WE certainly had them here KN.

    What colour were your bits Peter?

    V, of course you are right, after this one goes.

    Jayne, oh Jayne. This is a family blog......ah, hang on, no it isn't. Good comment.

    FruitCake, fairly well sums up my sentiments really.

    JayLa, I am sure there are English people who approve of the Windsors, but funnily I have never met one.

    Too close to home for her I think Fen.

  9. Pink too! Our own colonies were green, Indonesia, Surinam, and a string of Carribean isles.

  10. The first thing i thought of when i read pink bits was the map of Tasmania just like Jayne. Enjoy your day of Queen spotting :-).

  11. Peter, of course you lost quite a lot beforehand already.

    Windsmoke, I suspect there will only be two queens there, one regal and one not so regal.