Friday, October 28, 2011

Cave in at the Highrise

The roof of the lift caved in, well, a stainless steel panel came unstuck. I rather like the rustic look of exposed roof joists? but perhaps a Wunderlich panel could be fitted.


  1. What is an advent calendar? Are we non-Christian types allowed to have one?

  2. Hi Andrew,
    this looks like my one and only attempt to assemble a piece of flat pack furniture.

  3. I hope you weren't standing in there when it fell. Is it fixed now?

  4. Hels, I suppose it one of those christian things that became a cultural thing. But I had not heard of them until a few years ago. I think it is the lead up month to christmas. You open a window each day.

    Hehe FruitCake. I have never not got flat pack wrong eventually, but I have had to pull apart once or twice.

    River, yep, all back to normal now. I think it only peeled back to a certain point, rather than fell.

  5. Maybe someone was in the liftwell and had to exit via the lift panel thing.

  6. There is a trapdoor above the timber Fen, should the worst ever happen in the lift.


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