Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two wrongs still do not make a right

The far apartment building is in Chapel Street on the corner of the street where we lived in Balaclava. We even looked at one with a thought to buy, well I didn't really. It was a singular we. It could not be described as an attractive building and is very much out of scale with single storey, single fronted houses that abut it in the side streets. Eventually I even heard a councillor for the City of Port Phillip admit that it should never have been approved.

So what happens? Another similar block has been built almost next to it.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    With all of the planning regulations which are in place these days, it really does defy belief as to how buildings such as these, totally out of scale with their surroundings, gain approval.

  2. There's a lot of this about. Such abominations are sprouting up like those nature strip toxic yellow stainer mushrooms on our patch too.

    Dare one suggest councils look no further than the balance sheet which show lots more rate$$$.

  3. bleh, does no one have style these days?

  4. Those buildings don't look too bad, I've seen worse. Perhaps they'll look better when the rest of the street is built up to match.
    Don't be shaking your head, it will probably happen.

  5. Those two buildings are definitely out of character with the rest of the buildings in the street. Building regulations seem out of control or totally ignored all together these days :-).

  6. JayLa. It is no puzzle to me. The developer goes to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which normally sides with the developers against guidelines, regulations, the wishes of the residents and local council.

    LS, while at times councils are responsible, some of the worst developments are the responsibility of VCAT, or the Ministers Madden/Guy.

    Style Fen? Ah, I last saw some of that in 1960s houses.

    River, there are a couple of other sites along there where matching buildings could be built. The newer one is not as bad as the nearly ten year old one.

    Windsmoke, more of the ignored I think. But regs are crook too. Across the road from us in South Yarra is a variable height limit. Surely a height limit is a limit, and not variable.