Friday, September 09, 2011

This week's flower, and last week's and the week before




  1. ooh I love irises. I have yellow & red freesias at the moment, though they're almost spent. Might have to find some more, love them.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "Chewlips!!"

    I hate Lilies, especially when they're open with all that pollen on the stamens. To me they smell like piddle, and if I'm close enough to them, 10 feet or less, I get an instant spiking headache that settles into a deep heavy throbbing above and behind the eyes.
    And guess what!! We sell the damn things in Coles. These days I eat more antihistamines than I do sandwiches.

  3. "Chewlips" very humourous indeed, they still get my vote over the Lilies a close second and the Irises coming in at a distant third :-).

  4. Love the scent of freesias Fen.

    Yeah River, not the best smell. These weren't overpowering though. R usually cuts the stamens out so they don't drop the pollen. I'll make sure they aren't around when you visit.

    Perhaps iris have become a bit passe Windsmoke. But I like the way they open almost before your eyes.

  5. Not ony this week's, last week's and the week's before flowers but also this week's, last week's and the week's before vase.

    What a man!

  6. I am such a high achiever Victor. You must agree.