Saturday, September 10, 2011

Prahran Mural

Commercial Road Prahran/South Yarra has changed over the last three decades and has changed again. It has gone from being a street for the market and light industry, to Melbourne's booming gay strip, to now being a mix of the market and local shops and restaurants with a large accommodation hotel dominating the streetscape. While you can still see many gay people in the street, they are mostly going about their business of general shopping, rather than dining in gay cafes, going to gay bookshops, buying clothes for a gay night out etc etc.

This mural is in Cato Street, which runs off Commercial Road on western side of Pran (sic) Central and although I was initially alarmed when I could not see any immediately recognisably gay person, I did spy a gay couple after a bit. You name a type of person in Melbourne, and there is a good chance you can see them in Commercial Road. It used be nothing for old Greek ladies on their way to the market with their shopping jeeps passing by still dressed from the night before drag queens having breakfast outdoors. Apparently it is not an area for girrrlzzz. Perhaps they are represented in a Northcote or Fitzroy mural.

With limited space, photo stitching was not terribly successful, but you get the idea.


  1. Hmmm... never took any notice of that mural. This is not the first time you've opened up my eyes to sights that I have missed around Melbourne. I need to be a bit more observant.

  2. Well painted murals are always a welcome sight no matter what the subject and this one is a Bonza mural :-).

  3. I am with Adaptive. I have not seen all the sights either, even though I live only a couple of ks away in North Caulfield. I think I know the minute details of European cities better than my own *reluctant sigh*

  4. Gosh! You can see gay people in the street but they're NOT doing 'gay' things??

  5. Nice mural.
    How are gay cafes, gay bookshops and gay clothing stores different from regular cafes, bookshops and clothing stores?
    Aren't they all just cafes, bookshops and clothing stores?
    Please tell me they don't have gay supermarkets too. Where I work the gays shop alongside everyone else.

  6. AdRad, it has not been there for very long. I bet you have been to Ice once or twice.

    Bonza it is Windsmoke.

    Hels, I expect you would know some fine details of Euro cities that local people don't see. I do try to see our city through tourist eyes at times.

    Red, not like the good old days when gays were gays and did gay things. Whatever happened to being gay as a profession.

    River, trying to think if I should expand this into a blog post on its own. Perhaps not. Gay shop owners, with gay staff in gay atmosphere selling goods that appeal to gay customers. In the Prahran area, there is Coles, Safeway and Aldi. Safeway is the gay supermarket. I don't know why, but it is where most gay males shop. We being older gay men go to both Coles and Safeway for specials.

  7. Is that meant to be a toilet that the men are emerging from next to the Fruit and Veg sign?

    If so, maybe that's gay men doing gay things?

  8. Victor, I meant to correct about saying they were a couple, but I didn't. They are clearly individuals. I think they have just left Prahran Market after satisfying themselves with the market's oral delights. Where there is time and a place, men seem very inclined to do it with each other.

  9. I see a Fenstar in Commercial Rd at least once or twice a day, even at the Market too. Though that's a less regular sighting.

  10. Maybe I will recognise you, or you will recognise me one day. Or we could agree to meet.

  11. Yes we may and yes we could. I work not far from there so it's my local hang out & drive by!

  12. I love these kinds of story-telling murals!

    1. We have quite a few sprinkled around Mitchell, and generally they are respected and left alone.