Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'Nuff said

THE row over the Baillieu government's bungled bid to rezone farmland at Phillip Island has been reignited by the revelation that the company behind the move is a generous contributor to the Liberal Party and headed by a former president of the party's Queensland branch.

Brisbane-based Brown Consulting played an instrumental role in Planning Minister Matthew Guy's surprise decision to rezone 23 hectares of farmland for residential development on the fringe of Ventnor hamlet on Phillip Island.

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But I am still unsure why you would approve a high rise tower block in a part of St Kilda Road where there are only low rise buildings yet deny permission to build a high rise tower block in another part of St Kilda Road where there are many high rise. Someone put it to me, protecting rich mates views. Of course I do not agree with such an allegation. I am just repeating what was said to me by a probably ill-informed person.


  1. Doesn't surprise me at all that rezoning of farmland for residential development is going ahead on philip island a tourist region where big moola can be made by the truck load at the expense of the local environment :-).

  2. Oh I agree, they're all corrupt!

    Windsmoke the development on Phillip Island has been kiboshed because of the public's reaction. It was a ridiculous proposal, there is no infrastructure down there and the water supply on the island doesn't cope now as it is. *shakes head*

  3. Windsmoke, the local council has strict controls in place, as does the state government. It is an aberration.

    Fen, I know Ventnor and it was just such an inappropriate place for development. The island does need to be protected from the hoards.