Friday, September 09, 2011

I'm Still Standing

Slightly past tense. We are listening to a compilation cd Bone Doctor made of music Little Jo liked between the age of three and four. I sitting in my lounge chair and a howling gale is blowing outside and a cold draught is coming in under the balcony door. I should block the draught with a towel I suppose, but it looks so messy. Mind when Little Jo is here, the place is always messy.

Little Jo is dancing around the room while R is busy with some Little Jo craft on the making table. Sister and the Bone Doctor are at the football and Little Jo, I and R made pizzas for dinner. There is some left over for the girls when they return.

Abba has finished playing and now it is Elton John singing, I'm Still Standing. I feel such a wave of sadness come over me. Is it a sad song? It sounds quite upbeat. I'm glad I don't suffer from depression but only feel sad at times. I've had a high achieving couple of days off work. All is good in my world. Why the sads? Probably because I am a priviledged westerner and I don't have to worry about the wherewithal to get food to eat tomorrow. I have the luxury of feeling emotional and sad.

Anyway, if this clip was filmed in 1983, I am surprised at the homoeroticism, with some token female scenery.


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling sad. Did you figure out the reason; or is it just one of those things?

    Sometimes I'll feel sad/depressed when hearing a song. It can be an upbeat song, but it will be a song I heard when I was going through a bad time. Then hearing the song reminds me of that bad time.

  2. That's so true Andrew, that we have the luxury of feeling sad.

  3. Grab a block of dark chocolate and munch away your sadness will soon disappear, works for me :-).

  4. To follow on from Towanda's thought - yes, we have the luxury of feeling sad, but it's not because of physical need. That gives the sadness a different quality.

    Found it hilarious that LJ is 'dancing around' while poor R is doing the craft he set up for her!!!

  5. Quickly passes Dina. How could I stay sad for long with such a lively child around.

    Towanda, at our worse, we ought not forget it.

    Windsmoke, in my case is would be milk, but I rarely eat chocolate. Perhaps it is cause and effect.

    Red, it was perhaps an extreme example, but I think you got what I meant. Little Jo loves dancing, so although she was doing craft, she could not help but dance around at times.

  6. The ribbon on Elt's Boater keeps changing, owning a Boater myself I'm interested.
    Is it a continuity blunder do you think?

    Mister X.