Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Highriser gets musically edjucated

While it was a general offer, it was a very generous offer. Frisky Librarian offered her readers a cd of music she likes. This must have been quite an undertaking. I wonder if she had more requests than she expected?

Nervous anticipation is not a good description, but an interest in another's musical taste is perhaps the right way to describe why I asked for the cd. I was dreading it being a collection of hard rock or rap or whatever, and then having to find nice things to say in thanks.

But of course anyone who's blog I always follow must have good taste. Goes without saying really. The cd duly arrived, complete with a track list and an artistic and stylish card with a note within. Is that not too nice?

But oh, to the music. I have made no bones about not liking music very much. It irritates me. It wasn't always so. You can conclude it is precursor to being a grumpy old man. I dutifully listened to the cd in my car on the way to and from work. It was rather good. Many of the tracks were recorded live, by people who sang without tech manipulation and played real instruments. It made me imagine that it could be quite good to go and see a live band.

My favourites were

Leeds United - Amanda Palmer

Your Protector - Fleet Foxes

and Snakebite - Gabby Young and Other Animals.

I had only heard of two of the performers on the whole cd, such is my musical knowledge, Imelda May, and The Waifs but I wasn't so keen on their tracks on the cd.

Let me see if the ones I like are on You Chube. As if they wouldn't be.

Amanda Palmer is brill. http://youtu.be/8RiniO_2bws

Fleet Foxes http://youtu.be/ZtdXl3QZD_A

Gabby Young http://youtu.be/mbIu7QW4juY

I seriously like young people making clever music, live or with stylish clips.

I haven't been converted to a follower of modern music, but I understand its qualities.

Note to self, do yourself a favour tomorrow. Play these clips loud and dance around like no one is watching, well, no one will be.


  1. Thanks Frisky and Andrew,
    I think I've just become a Gabby Young fan.

  2. Hello Andrew:
    We are sure that it will come as no surprise that all of these performers were new to us. We rather liked the spirited Gabby Young and, of course, it does sometimes pay to try out the unknown, one can be very pleasantly surprised at times!!

  3. I've been out of it with music since the early 1990s and anything I buy on i-tunes is either a very old favourite last heard on cassette tape or something to run to. These three are good though.

  4. I'll have to listen to these when I get back. :)
    I'm not much of a music lover either. I enjoy it at times, but it is hard for me to do something else at the same time, like read and listen. Oh well...

  5. Ya can't beat blues, jazz, folk, either electric or acoustic. I do like my hard, progressive rock. Heavy, doom, and black metal as well as thrash, all that music really clears out the cobwebs :-).

  6. Good hey Fruitcake.

    JayLa, that is what I thought too. Dip the toe in.

    Running music Kath? Such as?

    Towanda, it surprises me that some have listened to them. I rarely do when someone puts up such links.

    Windsmoke, you are on your own there.

  7. I'm well into my dotage. None of those names meant anything to me.

  8. They meant nothing to me either Victor.

  9. OMIGOD! I've got good taste!! That WILL come as a surprise to some of those who know me ...

  10. I wouldn't even bother imposing my musical tastes on anyone!

  11. I find it a bit interesting Fen, that is to find out what is popular with people other than teens.