Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Black Look

When I arrived home from work R had a black look. If R gets a black look, be afraid. Fortunately it was not directly to do with me, but then it usually ends up being all about me.

'This new (renovated) computer is no effing good. It won't get sites. It won't do anything. It was fine before it was upadated (it wasn't), but now it won't do anything (it was fine except for one site)'. He expends all his patience at work and has no inclination to be patient when he is home.

'Darling, sweetie, love of my life, show me what you mean'.

City Link seemed to be the problem. It had gone into what I describe as 'safe mode'. In Firefox it mostly timed out. In IE, it showed stuff, but in a simple way, and he could not add money to his account.

Well, this is serious as I need to use City Link (toll road) in two days time. I hate one beep from the Etag (electronic device to charge a toll fee), let alone multiples.

R has spent an hour trying to get it work. I never do anything like that. If I site doesn't work, I go on and do something else and go back to it later. R unrealistically expects when he sits at a computer to use the internet, it works. Yes, he is very unreasonable, but he possibly did not have anything else to do on the computer, whereas I have a permanent backlog.

Before work this morning I checked City Link's website, and it was working well. I told R. He came home tonight and again it was back in its safe mode. He persisted, only to discover he could only top up his account with Diners Club or Amex. He got on the phone, and naturally as the website wasn't working, there was a long wait for a customer service person. He topped up his account over the phone.

8.34pm 07/09/11 it is fine, but too late. R is quite right to be peed orf with the City Link website. It should have decent backup and not fail so easily, twice in two days.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    You both have our upmost sympathy. You, Andrew, for it is really trying and difficult to come home at the end of a day at work only to discover that the love of your life is in a 'mood' which, whatever the reason, is soon to be transferred to you, the totally innocent party.

    You, R, for we do know how really frustrating it is when technology, upon which we rely to function properly at all times, fails and, as one thinks, personally lets one down.

  2. Darling, sweetie, love of my life; I also expect the internet to work when I turn it on and get hugely frustrated when it doesn't. But I've learned to go off and do other things which usually involves scrubbing the life out of something, a good way to burn off the anger, then I come back to it.

  3. No way will i transfer any money over the internet because i don't think its secure enough nor will i use eftpos or atms any more in the light of the recent skimming and scamming going on :-).

  4. Thanks JayLa. I almost convince myself that the world will not end if the internet doesn't work.

    River, it is amazing what I can get done when the net is not working.

    Really Windsmoke? I have been doing it for years, without a problem. As long as I don't divulge PINs or do anything silly, the bank will wear any fraud.

  5. I don't do any money transfers over the net, either.
    But I don't believe in credit cards and have been known to distrust banks, too...

  6. I may be the middle road here. Rather than sitting and waiting I go from browser to browser, and I have to tell you it works. My greatest successes have been with Chrome, who is not my favorite but who I find myself stuck with much of the time. IE and Firefox seem to have deserted me. If worse comes to worse, like you Andrew I mosey on and come back when I can.

  7. Jayne, does anyone trust banks really? I don't know why people think of them as benevolent institutions and not as a company that exits to make money.

    Towanda, perhaps I should download Chrome too. Like you, I find sometimes things will work in one browser and not the other, but if a site doesn't, I go onto something else.

  8. The citylink website is well known for being one of the most unreliable, shittiest websites EVAR!!! Trust me I had to put up with people complaining about it day in and day out. It doesn't load, it times out, it freezes. Don't use it, trust me, you'd be quicker waiting in whatever queue is on the phones and doing your business with a monkey.

    Transurban are tight arse pricks and refuse to spend money upgrading it, hence it will never work properly.

  9. Fen, not that we look at it often, but I think this if the first time we have had issues. Hmm, not like Transurban isn't making mega profits.

  10. I downloaded Chrome on my previous PC and it did some odd things including preventing MSN messenger from opening against anyone else's account other than my own. Friends staying with me could not check their email accounts.

    Then I uninstalled it and other sites didn't work forcing me to reinstall it.

    I've avoided Chrome on my new laptop.

  11. Thanks Victor. I was going to download it and forget my mantra, if it ain't broke, it doesn't need fixing. I tried Opera in the late nineties. It was a nightmare.