Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Across the River

I read some fine writing by bloggers yesterday. I was feeling quite insecure about my hasty prose. I suspect they can write well and at speed, while thinking about what they write. I have to remind myself, people who write well like writing and do it well. People who don't like writing just don't do it and then there are those in between such as moi who enjoy writing, but don't do it terribly well.

So today's post will be photo based. It is hard to believe that these murals have been on these walls for so long, yet they aren't spoiled by graffiti. This one stands alone.

It was pointless to try and do a photo stitch in such limited space. These two photos make up one mural. Of course you can probably see the area where the photos were taken by looking at names on the murals, but has anyone seen them before? Altona Beach main street, opposite the pier, is a quiet and friendly local shopping centre, albeit with some trendy cafes. The sun was shining with little breeze as I sat on a bench at the beach and ate my chicken sandwich.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    These are wonderful. Do you have any more information as to when they were completed, by whom and if for a particular purpose? The monochrome we feel is particularly effective.

  2. Street Art can be quite pleasant and welcoming to the eye when painted with passion and flair :-).

  3. "I was feeling quite insecure about my hasty prose."

    No need for a security blanket Shirley, you can hold your own quite well.

    Innuendo optional. ;0)

  4. "Altona Beach main street, opposite the pier, is a quiet and friendly local shopping centre, albeit with some trendy cafes". Not albeit! We trendoids MAKE a suburb fun to be in :)

    But no, I have never seen them. I too would love to know when they were painted.

  5. I used to love shopping and frequenting the cafe in Pier Street Altona when I lived there. Back in my Uni days. I know they also have a street market which extends to the Park opposite the Pier there, I think it is on a Wednesday. There are stalls with homemade jams and breads as well as great gift ideas fro birthdays and, I dread to mention... Christmas :(

  6. Love those murals, I really must get the Feral Teen to take me over there one day to have a squiz, the area sounds lovely :)

  7. JayLa, there is a plaque on one. If I look at my original photo, it says 'Commissioned by the Altona Traders Association'. There is a date, which I can't make out but I thought it was about 2002. The monochrome mural was by Vladamir Byk???? Ok, opened by Deputy Mayor Leigh Hardinge, who became deputy mayor in 2004 and then mayor in 2006, so I would guess that it is between those years.

    And left untagged Windsmoke.

    You are somewhat of a master at innuendo LS. I thank you.

    Hels, I think the trendy quotient was lowered by me being in the village. See above for approx date.

    Yeah Cazzie, Pier Street, I forgot the name. The mural is in a walkway near the train station. You may not mention christmas on my blog until December 1st.

    Jayne, do you reckon they might be Julia's local shops?

  8. Ha ha what LS said!

    Awesome muriels, so glad no little fkr has tagged over them.

  9. oh and pee ess - I prefer not to think too much when I babble on my blog, it makes more sense that way ;)

  10. I much prefer the casual blogs of people who don't feel the need to prove they're fantastic writers.

    I feel some bloggers try too hard. It's like they're hoping each post wins a Pulitzer.

    I get the sense that some people start their blogging by thinking "What brilliant thing can I say; and what brilliant words can I use to say it?"

    A little brilliance is fine here and there. Too much annoys me.

    It's like food. Gourmet stuff is awesome in small doses. But sometimes I just want simple easy casual stuff.

    Reading your blog is like reading a letter from a friend. I think that's how it should be...personally.

  11. Fen, he is too clever by half. Amazingly good condition. I don't think they get much 'weather'.

    Dina, the food analogy is good. Re letter from a friend, that is a significant compliment. :-)

  12. One doesn't need to be a 'great' writer when one can say it so well with photos ...

  13. Red, is that in reference to me, or you good self?

  14. Haha! Don't be so paranoid - note the quotation marks around 'great'! It's all a matter of personal taste and opinion!! I'm not 'great' in either writing OR photos, and I can only speak for myself, not you!!

  15. I think the walkway is where Robyn's Hair Salon is, and a tax return office. I used to go to the salon there from a young age. I feel old lol

  16. That would be it Cazzie. There were a couple of hair dresser looking lasses have a smoke in the walkway. They offered to move a huge rubbish bin out of the way of my photo. How sweet.