Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Acland Street

The St Kilda locals are revolting. The are bemoaning the loss of their local shops for local people. I took a look with the Box Brownie at the ready.

Most of the businesses will state that they have been driven out by high rents and chain shops moving in. This is a problem of the market place. The rents will be set at what the market will bear. How in a capitalist society can it be otherwise? Public subsidy for small businesses? Where does that end? Next thing, big business will want subsidies........oh, they have them already.

What does amuse me slightly is that some of the places the locals are missing are actually chain shops.

The rot started with the loss of the fondly remembered Cafe Scheherazade, a cafe started in the 1950s by Jewish refugees that ended up being a refugee for Jewish refugees. That is a place where they could be among their own and eat the food they fondly remembered. It was especially popular with older single Jewish men where they would chat away and sort the problems of the world. It became like a second home to some of them.

Now what is it? FCUK

While it has been there for as long as I can remember, I was never sure what it was. I will suggest it was a fish wholesaler that also retailed. Demolished.

I may have bought an item or two of club wear at CMs in the past. I stopped when shirts started to taper inwards at the waist while my waist was heading in the opposite direction.

As well as a uniformed policeman being photographed and making the front page of The Sun newspaper while dancing on a table top at Greasy Joes, I could not possibly confirm that a certain blogmate with an interest in music did so as well, but she did. Demolished.

A phone shop replaced the rather useful Tandy's Electronics. While Tandy's was a chain, it is missed.

Cafe Vibe has closed? Where will the rich but with no obvious means of support men of Middle Eastern appearance hang out now?

Twins Cafe, gone. I never asked if they were twins. They did not look alike. They were very friendly guys who for many years gave me a caffeine fix. Still a cafe of sorts. It is the one where people are sitting outside.

Bakers Delight, gone. Again a chain, but fancy the street being unable to sustain a privately owned bakery!

This one has changed it name, but is still there. I can't remember the name. Something difficult to pronounce, I think.

How could the area not sustain a newsagent? Gone.


  1. The world around us constantly changes the trick is to work out if its for the better or for the worse i've never be able to work out which one :-).

  2. This all looks very familiar - Ali has taken me many places down there - but I don't always remember the street or suburb

  3. Newsagents are disappearing at a fast clip, pity the tagging doesn't go the same way.

  4. It happened in Lygon St Carlton 20 years earlier, much to my parents' despair. At least Lygon St did not look tragic, after modernisation arrived. The Village Belle, as we used to call Ackland St, looks tragic :(

  5. Gosh, I did not know that these changes have happened. I have not been there for about 2yrs now. Our main street in Werribee is changing into a posh place, lots of lovely cafe's and restaurants. I do not complain about it, I think it is a nice change :)

  6. Always a mixed bag Windsmoke. Some good, some not.

    MC, I am sure she would have taken you to Acland Street.

    Yeah Jayne. Papers are sold everywhere and people don't buy cards like they used to or magazines.

    Hels, you are correct. It looks tired and unloved whereas Balaclava seems to be vibrant now.

    Cazzie, I suppose Werribee not being inner city means it has always been a drive to most things so you can afford to lose the basics in the main street. To get to the big hardware store in Port Melbourne by public transport takes forever.

  7. ...looks like a pile of old vomit left outside near the Optus shop, so at least *that* hasn't changed!

  8. Does look like it Kath. At least not at your front door.

  9. Cafe Scheherazade was the best back in 80s, that cafe vibe looks like what used to be greasy joes, great pics

  10. TB, of much I can't remember, both you mention, I cannot. I can't remember what Vibe was and I don't think I ever entered the Cafe S.

  11. Shanti2:51 pm

    Greasy Joe's is still there - now just called "Joe's" - apparently the Greasy part wasn't up-market enough!

  12. Hi Shanti. The original Greasy Joes was on the corner, just a hamburger place. Then it moved up one shop and was an interesting and a bit of an alternative place. Joes, as you say it now is, is one place further along. I guess you are right about the Greasy, although the oddly named Dogs Bar is still there hey?