Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Visitor

Our friend from Japan stayed last night. She is a vegetarian and had requested parsnip with her meal. I told her R would will cook it really well in beef tallow. I shouldn't needle her about being a vego. R cooked a frittater and roast vegetables in vegetable oil with a mustard sauce and it was very nice. A chocolate self saucing pudding followed.

Our friend came out of the spare bedroom in the morning and remarked that the bed now had hospital corners. I puzzled for a second, and then it came to me. See the comments.

She was meeting her sister today at the museum for lunch. I accompanied her into town. She had a hunger for a chocolate covered jam doughnut, not attainable in Japan, so I took her to Walker's at the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders Street. What? You think it is wrong to have coffee and doughnuts for breakfast? Oh. The had some really old but bright music playing, 1930's or 1940's, which was great but just a bit too loud.

Our friend has a friend back in Japan who is a big ACDC fan, so she wanted to see ACDC Lane and take some photos. We did so via the famous Hosiers Lane and then walked up Exhibition Street where we parted ways at Latrobe Street, as I had to go to the shops in QV and she continued on the museum. Who knows when we see her again. It will probably be a number of years, but because we keep in email contact, I don't seem to miss her presence as I would have say 15 years ago, especially so as we are familiar with where she lives and her friends and workmates.

I bought some new sunglasses in Myer. I didn't have my glasses on and I thought the price was $40, but it turned out to be $80. Oh well, they fit very well and I like them.

The trams were stopped at the Arts Centre, so I had to walk to Queen Street to catch the bus home. The trams were stopped because the Australian winner of the Tour de France, Cadel Evans, was cycling along a little bit of St Kilda Road before receiving a rather nice gift from the State of Victoria. He was a bit wobbly on the bike for a Tour de France winner.

I recall the late ABC broadcaster Peter Evans talking one morning about how in Wales, people often received an additional name by whatever job the did. Hence Peter Evans became known as Evans the Wireless. Cadel Evans must have Welsh heritage, so is it Evans the Bicycle? I could go somewhere with that, but I shan't. Anyway, well done Cadel Evans. This is a sporting event that has serious respect in Europe and Australia is quite proud of you.

The sign is up high as people kept knocking it off.

There are shabby posters along the walls of the lane. Naturally I snapped the the poster of them bare topped.

Just something I liked, which I am sure is not original.

And I am rather fond of this muriel at the bottom of ACDC Lane.

Evans the Bicycle mask. Apparently 30,000 turned out to see him. Our friend took a photo of me with the mask in front of my face. As I said to her, I am so silly. I am smiling behind the mask for the photo.


  1. What! Baby Jo over there on the side with her groovy shades. How precious!

    I'm a vego also and if you lived here you would probably also be one. :) Donuts for breakfast is nothing. Try donuts and white gravy and biscuits and bacon. Yummy? Occasionally they put some eggs in the mix.

  2. I'm a vego, too, now and I'll take the choc self-saucing pudd, ta :P

  3. oh Muriel - you are awful, but a damn fine tourism host. I love parsnip.

  4. I couldn't concentrate past the chocolate self-saucing pudding. I haven't had any chocolate for almost a week! Must rectify that tomorrow.

  5. How fat she was Linda. She lost the fat once she started walking. I prefer the guilt feeling of being a meat eater. Doughnuts for morning tea, as it actually was, is not something I have done often. The recipe you mention sounds awful, but don't knock until you try.

    Are you really Jayne! There is still some pud in the fridge if you want to drop in.

    Ann, the phrase will never be forgotten by me.

    River, treat yourself to a new home celebratory chocolate pudding.

  6. I've had chocolate donuts and I've had jam donuts. But I don't think I've ever had a chocolate jam donuts. That's pretty cool.

  7. There you go Dina. Damn the exchange rate. Come for the combined doughnut thrill.

  8. Anonymous9:03 pm

    The doughnut and roasted parsnip was the highlight of my trip!! Now if only I could convince the Japanese of these culinary delights...V.

  9. Ah, you are safely home. They might take to parsnip V. Call it a mild radish. My highlight of your trip was listening to the discussion about what bok choy was known as in Japan.

  10. Anonymous1:25 pm

    And I've forgotten the word in Japanese again! Will have to have it tatooed on my forehead...V.