Monday, August 08, 2011

A Visitor

For once I was glad to go to work Sunday. Poor R entertained Little Jo well into the afternoon. At one point they went in to see where Sister and Bone Doctor had been staying, The Metropole in Clarendon Street. Very nice. Coincidently, Sis in Law and her partner were staying there on the same night after taking dinner on the tram car restaurant. Both Sister and Sis in Law had been upgraded from Crown Hotel. Maybe it is partly closed. R loved the infinity pool at Metropole.

If that wasn't enough, our friend in Japan is visiting Melbourne with three of her co-workers, yes a junket really. We caught up with them for dinner at an Asian restaurant in Little Bourke Street, a place we have eaten at many time. Maybe we ordered badly, but the food seemed pretty average. We went back to their hotel to have a look, very spacious and a pretty good price for a good size room. It is in Exhibition Street opposite the rather nice Royal Society of Victoria building.

One of V's workmates was especially kind to us when we visited Japan last year. She took us out in her car for the day and we saw some really local things. Upon our departure from Japan, we left some nice boxed chocolates for her in appreciation.

Well, she repaid our gift with some duty free Scotch for us when we met up for dinner. Pity we don't like Scotch. Ouch, was that a lightening bolt that just hit me? Our friend will stay on in Melbourne for a few days to catch up with friends and family while the rest of her troop go on to Sydney. Our friend also bought us some boxed cakes, beautifully, ok yes wastefully, individually wrapped from Aomori, her nearby large town that is the new terminus for the Tohuko Shinkansen.

We look forward to having our friend stay with us later in the week. She has requested roasted parsnip to be included with dinner.


  1. Anonymous3:04 am

    Ah, never knock back the gifts of an asian guest. It's not the gift but the thought that REALLY counts. :-)


  2. Michael, as if we would knock back cakes and Scotch. Both are delicious and well chosen. Of course now we cannot visit Japan empty handed.