Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Revolting peasants

Let me think of something I am passionate about....um....planning, as in how our cities are developed and built and how our history, historic buildings and streetscapes treated, how services are provided....I could go on.

Now, let me pretend someone calls me and says, let us trash the office of the evil Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal planning division. If the Minister of Planning is there, all the better. We'll give him a big fright too.

Would I attend?

No. Why?

I have responsibility to R, to my family and friends to not end up in gaol or be charged with a criminal offence. I put my employment at risk. I put my home at risk.

In short, I have too much to lose.

If I had nothing to lose, then maybe I would consider trashing a VCAT office.

So, we go to London where those who have very little to lose are protesting with mindless destruction of property, hopefully no worse. In fact the protests have extended to other large English cities.

There are many reasons why the riots are happening, but much of the blame must go towards big business, especially banks and previous Labour governments that allowed big business to act in such ways and of course the present Tory government that has financially cut deeply into areas that affect the poorest in society. It seems the only ones who have not suffered from the British financial disaster are the rich and the upper middle and upper classes.

So these disaffected rioters have some sympathy from me, however, why are they being so idiotic by trashing their own areas, their own local businesses and possibly their own future employers?

For goodness sake, go and trash Knightsbridge or Chelsea, throw something at Buck House. Scare the tourists in the area they frequent. Get in the face of City workers. Break down the doors of the big bank head offices, but why oh why destroy your own areas?

Disaffected yes, but unfortunately stupid too.


  1. The whole thing is horrid and I hope it doesn't get any worse tonight. SO far all my family & friends are safe, but if it continues who knows... :(

  2. Incredibly scary and sad :(

  3. You still have close connections Fen. Pleased they are ok.

    Jayne, yes, just so so sad.