Saturday, August 06, 2011


We have to collect Little Jo today in Dandenong, a place very alien to where she lives on the Bellarine. It is Mother's bestie's surprise 60th party in Dandenong, or as we always knew it, because our grandfather said it, Dandelong. Little Jo will attend a birthday party of a lass her age at a far southern suburb and then we will collect her from Sister and the Bone Doctor at the party and they will go to their billet in a posh city hotel, where they won a night's accommodation while Little Jo has a sleep over at our place.

Uncle R seems to over stimulate Little Jo and she never sleeps well when he is around. We have plans to get her to sleep. The best laid plans of mice..........

We needed a present for Mother's bestie. Apparently I did not inform R that it was from Sister too. Later, apparently I did not inform R that the present was from all of Mother's kids and their partners. Lesson learnt. We have bought an ever so nice vase from DJ's though. I would be proud to have the vase as my own. Mother's bestie loves flowers, so a vase must be good.

In fact, if R bangs on any more about the issues, I will say a bad word, and say, I'll keep the vase for myself then.

Anyway, I am sure there will be some action tonight at the 'making table'.


  1. Have fun!
    Stock up on the fairy cakes, probably need a sugar rush after the visit to Dandelong ;)

  2. ooh yes fairy cakes, nom!

  3. Those little cakes look

  4. Oh Jayne, the evening out was hard work.

    I like them Fen.

    Err, River, in spite of Sister and Bone Doctor being very ungirlie, Little Jo loves pink.