Sunday, August 07, 2011

New Tram and a Party

It looks like the opening of Auckland's new tram line was a raging success.

Wish I could same say the same about Mother's best friend's birthday party. The Chifley Doveton Hotel was a good venue, the food was good and the staff friendly. It was a surprise birthday party. I have never been to a proper surprise party. The daughter in law did not hear her phone ring to alert us the the sixty year old was about to enter, and before we knew it, she was among us. She did have tears in her eyes though.

Mother should have been proud of us for all attending and for our gift. It was as boring as batshit. Sister had left Little Jo with us and she dropped a glass. It shattered at about 100 decibels. A pub glass is easily replaced. But a plate from your parents wedding anniversary in 1934 is not so easily replaced, and that is what Mother gave her sixty year old friend. However, the friend's two year old grandson turned the plate into a plate of many pieces before it was unwrapped. I am not sure how this will pan out.

Sister trusts us to keep Little Jo safe. Hoho, we managed to teach her about smoking.

'Aunty 60 year old, can we open your presents now?'
'In a minute Little Jo. I'll just finish my smoke.'
One minute pause.
'What is smoke?'
Even though Mother smokes at times, she is very discreet about it.
60 year old then told us about how her two year old grandson does imaginary smoking. Well, I was known to have a Fag in my mouth at a young age (settle), but I don't think it is something to brag about.

When mother mentions sixty year old's daughter in law, she always qualifies it with, she is Czech. She was born so, but doesn't have an accent. Mother really is a shocker. She remarked about one of her sixty year old's son in laws, he is a bit ugly. Tradie Brother and I both said simultaneously, Mother, you can't say that.

The use some American vernacular, Little Jo is plumb tuckered out now after doing three parties in one day and was asleep by 10, which is quite an achievement. I will be at work by the time she awakes. Poor R.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    This simply confirms, what we have always suspected for one reason or another, that surprise parties are a great mistake. They are something which we have never wished for ourselves, nor have we ever bestowed them on others. The idea is fine for those who arrange it but, we feel, it always puts the recipient at a disadvantage.

    We shall feel for R when Little Jo wakes up wanting a ciggie!!!

  2. Obligatory family dinners and parties are incredibly tedious.
    Thankfully, I've reached a point where I can just say 'no'. [Sounds suspiciously like I am channelling Nancy Reagan here...]

  3. A bit of a catch up here - your mum is so much like some of my dad's people - the comments they made about weight, your face, race etc would have the most right wing of people cringing - but hey she is an individual!!

  4. LOL Dad used to make outrageous remarks like that at times, deliberately to get my goat I think cos he was such a laid-back accepting bloke, I reckon your mum does it for the entertainment of shocking you ;)

  5. Poor R indeed! Little Jo will be well rested and have him climbing the walls or tearing out his hair by the time you get home!
    Shame about the broken plate.
    That tram is a very pretty one.

  6. JayLa, I agree. If you are going to be surprised, you need to know in advance so that you do your make up proper.

    FC, you can't so no to rels, or those who are important to them. Psst, tell me how to say no?

    Oh MC, my mother is certainly an individual. If she played a harp, that is tugging at strings, she would be the best.

    While I know what you are saying Jayne, I don't think so in her case.

    Oh River, you don't know the half of it. Sister apparently got upset because Little Jo did not want to leave Uncle R. Of course she wouldn't. No one treats her better.