Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie from Ebay

In spite of me wondering why people buy movies they like on dvd, I have now been guilty of it. It was so cheap, I couldn't resist. Now, what was it called? Avatar, no, Matrix, no........ah, got it, The Long Long Trailer.

I watched some of it today. It was good, but not as uproariously as funny as I remembered it. Perhaps I should have waited until R was here to watch it with me.

It stared Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnez. They buy an extremely long caravan (trailer) and a new car so that the Lucy character can be with her husband in a semblance of a home as he travels the States for work reasons. I have seen them cause traffic jams and demolish a distant relative's garden and pergola. They have sunk the caravan into mud and dined on a rather distinct angle. I had to go back to work, and so I haven't yet seen where Lucy collected so many souvenir rocks that the car and caravan became uncontrollable on a long down hill road.

I have never seen the movie in its entirety, so the rest of it will be interesting.

Simpler times.


  1. One of my favs, Feral Teen fell in love with it a few years back when he watched it :)

  2. One of my top 500 favourites.
    The beginning is not so funny any more because the world is a little less patronising to women [all the little woman wants is a little house, knows nothing about driving or steering etc]. But the weak storyline is just an excuse for the hilarious silly bits, after all, and Lucy's strength was physical comedy. Just the thought of her making dinner in the trailer while Desi drives is enough to crack me up.
    But yes, a laugh shared is a laugh trebled. Wait for R, chat through the boring bits and enjoy the rest.

    I bet you've already thought of another old movie you might look for on e-bay. I'll give you a month, tops, before you look.

  3. Jayne, boys like to dream of cars and big vehicles.

    FruitCake, damned with very faint praise. I recall Lucy being in the trailer while it was in motion. Even back when I first saw that, it was illegal here.

    Not a chance of me buying another movie on dvd that I will watch once. I have The Plank transferred to dvd, Monsieur Hulot's Holiday and Mon Oncle too. R bought me the set of Yes Prime Minister. What more could I want? Ah, but seeing the clock face of Big Ben being smashed is tempting. What was that? 39 Steps? A digital remastering of Cabaret? Marlene Deitrich in Just a Gigolo? You may well be right.

  4. I'll add it to my list of 'must see' because telly here is a nightmare unless you like French talk shows on politics or repeats of Minder....

  5. That's another one of my 'fond memories' films. I have some of the Lewis and Martin comedies on DVD, just cos I adored them 'way back when'.
    Good pick up!

  6. Kath, not only are you wanting food parcels, now you are in need of entertainment packages!

    Raelene, they amused me no end when I was young. I suppose they hold up well.

  7. I remember this movie really well - I liked the part where they are going around a mountain road and part of the van goes over the edge of the side of the road and hovers there till they screech metal on rock along the side and recover - have to admit Lucille ball and Red Skeleton were my favourite US comedians .

  8. I buy nearly all my dvds on ebay now especially the series. I bought a lot of 70s mini-series for mum which I couldn't get anywhere else and some were cheaper to bring over from England.

    Lucille Ball was funnier in the 40s movies she made without Desi. Another abusive husband from all accounts.

  9. I remember The Long Long Trailer. I used to think it was funny, but haven't seen it in a long while. It might be like everything else I remember now; if I see it again I might think why did I laugh at this? Or maybe I would find it still funny.

  10. I haven't gotten to that bit yet MC. I only vaguely recall Red Skelton. There was the Red Skelton Show, I think.

    Jah Teh, it is funny that we can buy Australian stuff cheaper from overseas. I don't think I saw Lucille in earlier movies. I think I like her best in the b&w Lucy Show. She would have been 100 this month.

    River, it is risky to go back and look at old movies etc. Some work, some really don't.

  11. Ah yes, Lucille Ball's humour was predictable and obvious but oh so much fun at the time. They were indeed simpler days.

    A stage version of 'Yes Minister' is coming to Sydney next year. I presume it will also be presented in Melbourne.

  12. Victor, I have an idea Peter in the Netherlands might have mentioned the stage version of YM. I think it will translate well on stage.