Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet Fuzzy Coco

Sister got a dog, supposedly for Little Jo, but the dog is proving popular in Bellarine Peninsula household (is that with or without an r? I can't remember. I am terrified. The peninsular police will get me. Why oh why can't I remember. Why oh why can't I be bothered checking now). It is a dog that the owner had to get rid of, a one year old bitch with all vaccinations and spayed.

So now when we look after Little Jo, we apparently look after Fuzzy Coco too. Fuzzy came to Sister for a trial, looking as in the first photo. The trial was successful and they took on Fuzzy full time. She is a wonderful dog that needs some obedience training, but has a great temperament and is very affectionate. We met Fuzzy for the first time Saturday and we got on famously. She seemed to get very attached to me and shadowed me wherever I went. I went out the door to the landing to put a bag of rubbish down the chute and Fuzzy rushed to the window to see where I had gone, even though it is in the opposite direction.

But Sister is upset now. When she took Fuzzy to the beach, she became a conversational topic among the local walkers etc. But Sister left Bone Doctor in charge of getting Fuzzy a haircut, and look at the result. Now, no one on the beach talks to Sister about her dog anymore. Sister said, the haircut turned Fuzzy into a St Kilda Road dog. She may well have a point there.

Saturday while Sister was off at the football, and Bone Doctor was looking after the welfare of players at two different subsequent footy matches, we entertained Little Jo. We took her to the beach for a picnic. She played in the sand park, we had our lunch and then made sand castles. Well, R did. I looked after Fuzzy. I didn't feel she could be let off the leash. She is not trained to come when called. I guess once footy season has finished, Fuzzy Coco might go to obedience classes.

Once home, Little Jo did some 'craft' with R while I tidied up. I was just about to sit at the computer when R set up some ABC kids progamme for her to watch and he then fell asleep on the couch. I read for a bit and then I had to print out something for Little Jo to colour in. She busied herself with that, and then together we made cup cakes. You would not believe the mess. Well, I suppose some of you would know.

While Little Jo at a young age was so easy to handle and so gorgeous, now at over four years old, she is maturing and you can actually have a conversation with her. She is interested in wider things and asks questions and is ever alert to what adults around her are talking about (rather like her Aunty Andrew in that regard) . R complimented me about the way I looked after her while he snoozed away, well snooze as well as you can when a dog keeps jumping up on you. Little Jo can amuse herself and does not need constant attention such as R gives her.

And no sooner had Sister left, than we were out for dinner. We should have gone back to our friend's for coffee afterwards, but we were exhausted and I had to be up early for work on Sunday.

Just as Sister and Little Jo were leaving, Sister called out, Little Jo, you didn't flush. The toilet was flushed. The next time it was flushed, the bowl filled up with water. Whatever was down there, wasn't shifting. Eventually R cleared whatever the obstruction was with three kettles of boiling water.

Fuzzy Coco pre haircut.


  1. I never thought of using boiling water....we just use a plunger.

    I'll have to try your way someday. Hopefully that day won't be too soon.

    I'm glad you're enjoying Fuzzy Coco. It's a cute name. The good thing about hair is it grows back.

    It's amazing to watch kids grow up. I love when you get to the point where you can have real conversations with them. It's funny because our babies are now 8-10 and they help us take care of the new babies (ages 1 and 2.5).

  2. It will grow back! At least you can see what he/she looks like underneath all that hair.

  3. Bellarine Peninsula is correct.

    Yes I can see how people could tagged the poor dear as a St. Kilda dog after the severe trim!

    All the same he's a lovely thing.

  4. I prefer the old Fuzzy Coco with all the curly fur happening, maybe just a shampoo and a trim would have been better, i guess in time it will grow back again :-).

  5. oh the poor dog.
    ... and keep it away from that bloody balcony.
    Did they ask you if YOU wanted to be minding a dog?

    they don't strike me as being home often enough to give a dog the socialising it needs.
    I love dogs and am constantly faced with neglected ones belonging to people who work 80 hours a week and never see them.
    The previous owners are obviously dreadful people and whatever happens next, at least the dog is better off, but don't get me started.

  6. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Fuzzy coco definitely looks cuter with long fur! V.

  7. They should probably consider renaming the poor thing just 'Coco' now.

  8. Hello Andrew:
    Certainly one can see a difference in the two photographs of Fuzzy!! The 'short back and sides' does appear a little extreme but we assume the coat will grow back in no time.

    Looking after children [in this case a child] and a dog is, we feel, well beyond the call of duty! Rather you and R than us!!

  9. Not so fuzzy looks anorexic in comparison. Cute dog.

  10. Lovely looking dog but I prefer the pre-cut look for Fuzzy.

  11. Fuzzy Coco looks so different with the haircut! I'm sure she'll be more comfortable this way with the heat of summer coming on.
    I remember making cupcakes with my kids when they were little, yes, it's a messy job, but cupcakes are worth it.
    Peninsula has no "r".

  12. We don't have a plunger Dina and I suggested R use a mop as a plunger, but it wasn't necessary. Sorry, I just don't get the last para at all.

    Yes Peter. Sister was surprised how thin she is.

    Michael, I was fairly sure I had that peninsular right. SHE is very cute.

    Windsmoke, I am sure it will grow. I expect she has never had a haircut.

    Yep Emstacks, they asked. I was very cautious about the balcony as we with Little Jo. We installed a top bolt so she can't open the door. I think they are home often enough. I am not sure about the dog's history, except the previous owner had to get rid of her on the landlord's orders.

    Perhaps there is a mid point V. As it was, she kept dragging leaves and twigs into the house when her hair was long.

    Tony, that was her name. Little Jo added the Fuzzy. I just called her Coco.

    JayLa, hard work as it is, we enjoy looking after them.

    Fen and Jayne vote for long hair.

    River, yes, it will be good for her to have short hair for the summer. Sometimes peninsula has an r. I have read why but I don't really get why. Mooloolaba Accommodation - Peninsular Beachfront Resort

  13. Our schnauzers have number 2 buzz-cuts, otherwise they pick up grass seeds which work their way through the fur and become abscessed.
    Of course, this does lead to the occasional "they look like schnauzers, only bald..." comment.

    Some fur would be okay, but the very fuzzy version of Coco looks a tad neglected.
    I'd say she's landed on her feet with her new family.

  14. I know I left a comment here yesterday because I remember commenting on how cute Little Jo looks in her peasant skirt, and how the dog doesn't look the same.

    So here I am trying again.

    Linda changed her name to Towanda.

  15. Not sure what happened. I have just checked spam and moderation folder and no sign of it. Little Jo has had very very few brand new clothes, and the skirt is no exception. I thought it looked nice too.

  16. FruitCake, I suspect Coco has never had a haircut and she is one year old. So, I would also guess that the hair will grow very quickly. You are right, she was neglected in that area. The hair was matted and balled. I love schnauzers. I have had limited experience with some miniatures.