Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Magic Mountain

I am absolutely incensed at being educated about Australia by an American, but I often am. When we were in Glenelg in Adelaide a month or so ago, something was missing. I recall alluding to it in a post, but I wasn't quite sure what was missing. It was big. It was a wall. No one helped. Where was this thing I remembered from 1983? What was it? A kind of rock wall.

Well, it took Dina to get my cogs meshed, and it was Magic Mountain. Dina mentioned it today. I thought it was on Jetty Road or thereabouts, but it was bit further along the beach.

Magic Mountain was a small theme park. It was demolished in 2004, probably deservedly so, as was Adelaide's Marineland demolished.

In the 1930's, Glenelg had it's own Luna Park. It lasted only four years. Then the rides were disassembled and sent to Luna Park in Sydney.

That's very interesting.

In 1982, a new park was opened in the area. It was called Magic Mountain. Lord Wiki says this stayed open until 2004. It was well-liked by some...especially young people. It was disliked by others. They thought it was ugly.

That's it Dina, precisely what I remember.


  1. Magic Mountain looked more like a heap of s**t than the rocks it was meant to emulate - but it was a helluva lot cheaper than the Beach House which has replaced it. And it had a killer giant carousel inside it - who knows what's happened to that??!!

  2. Martin10:19 pm

    That brings back many happy memories from my late teens and early twenties around the time of the famous Glenelg riot that I just missed by a few hours (inspired by a Pseudo Echo concert in the nearby Reserve, I believe - there were other bands there too but that was the one I remember and probably the best known).

  3. Red, I fear I am riding the carousel. The Beach House doesn't sound to much.

    Martin, I remember the riot, just. Pseudo Echo was great.

  4. I'd probably like it even if it was ugly.

    I thought maybe Lord Wiki said the carousel is still the Beachhouse.

    I could be wrong.....

  5. Dina, I just checked their website and you are correct. 120 year old carousel has been restored. Now I have seen the front of the place, I remember seeing it. I thought it was just another hotel or apartment block.

  6. There also was a Magic Mountain on the Gold Coast. It was a fun park high on a hill not far from Broadbeach. It has closed now and been replaced by 'resort' apartments.

  7. Many Magic Mountains then. The only Magic thing I remember is mushrooms.