Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Another Sunday

I worked late on Saturday night while R swanned off with friends for dinner. Once home, instead of staying up late, chatting and drinking, we went to bed relatively early. I did not want to look hungover as we had a lunch to attend and an interesting lunch it was. I may have still looked hungover, but I wasn't.

We met two people who I know only via my blog. There is no real reason not to say who they are, but there is no real reason to say who they are.

Nevertheless, we met outside Club X in Acland Street, St Kilda. I suggested there as there is a bit of space and some seats. Acland Street can get very crowded.

We had some nice food at Cafe Bala, somewhat of a St Kilda institution I was to learn. But meeting strangers without having a drink in hand is hard work. Things improved muchly once we adjourned to Dogs Bar, another St Kilda institution.

In spite of us frequently having breakfast at Mojito in South Yarra, I have never tasted a mojito cocktail. It just seems so inappropriate to drink a mojito with your bacon and eggs at 9.30am, for me anyway. Who is saying 'why not'?

Our lunch companions had very fine mojitos the night before elsewhere, so we ordered mojitos and a bottle of wine. The drink was nice enough, but our companions did not think they were as good as they had drunk the night before. I thought they were ok, but perhaps on the weak side. I could well imagine two or three might do you in, so to speak.

Alcohol is not called a social lubricant without good reason, and socially lubricate it did. We had a very pleasant couple of hours chatting and discovering each other, in a very innocent manner of course.

Dog's Bar was nice too. Even though it was a lovely sunny day, we were in the shade and the external heating above us was welcome. As the afternoon wore on, I could not help but notice how many of our fellow patrons knew each other. Even passers by stopped for a chat with patrons. Although Melbourne is a city of nearly five million people, who said you have to live in a small country town to live in a village? They were in their village, among their people.

So are you tempted to go down the nerve making path of meeting someone you know via your blog? I would recommend it, especially if you have known them via their blog for a long time and exchanged personal emails or phone calls.

Is this what is described as social media? It can be very social indeed.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    It is, as you write here, rather strange when the virtual relationship with a blogger becomes a reality. However, this summer, Sandra Bennett whose blog Thistle Cove Farm is a regular read of ours, found herself in Budapest. We started in a rather grand coffee house, visited a loval market and entertained her to lunch. By the end of this it was as if we had all known each other for years. Such fun!!

  2. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Some of my best mates are made/met online and then offline but the most important thing applies with any friendship.

    You can't change people, only what you feel about them so I never bear any expectation and if things don't work out, so be it.


  3. What a fun Sunday! And Mojitos in the morning, and on a Sunday--I would need a nap in the afternoon I'm afraid.

    I've only been blogging for six months and so haven't gotten close enough to anyone who I would be willing to suffer the nerve wracking ordeal of meeting in person. But then I am very much the introvert. You all seem to be rather more outgoing. I have heard that a lot of friends meet through the Internet though. Time will tell.

  4. JayLa, I suppose it can go wrong, but I have only success stories.

    Good attitude Michael. Pleased you have been successful.

    No Linda, we did not have them in the morning but after lunch. I am essentially shy, so it is hard work for me, but I make myself do it. I've known both of those who we met yesterday for a few years on the net now.

  5. I have met only four bloggers to date. As you know, Andrew, you would have been the fifth if it wasn't that I had myself hospitalised instead, so traumatised was I by the prospect.

    Like yourself, the first two I met were from Melbourne. Does that mean Melbourne bloggers are the friendliest? Or just the most desperate to leave their hometown and get to Sydney?

    The other two were from Sydney; although one was actually visiting from New York where he has worked for some years. The other Sydney blogger boarded a bus I was travelling on and I recognised him from his blog photo. Amazingly he recognised me from my blog photo too; an astonishing achievement considering I published my photo on my blog for less than 24 hours before chickening out and removing it.

  6. Anonymous6:42 pm

    For several years I've exchanged emails with a woman I met online. She used to live in Japan but now lives in Europe. As luck would have it, she was in Tokyo at the same time I was before going to Spain earlier this year. We met for an early dinner and it was great! There was no awkwardness or long pauses. The conversation flowed as if we'd known each other for a while; which I suppose we had, just not in person. Glad your little adventure turned out well! V.

  7. Anonymous7:53 pm

    oh Victor - 'The other Sydney blogger boarded a bus I was travelling on and I recognised him from his blog photo. Amazingly he recognised me from my blog photo too; an astonishing achievement 'yes indeed - way to go!

    The melbourne blogger scene really must be the friendliest in the world.
    My first GrogBlog was at a Northcote hotel and I met Boyton and After Grog Blog and Armagnac CSFTB blogger and many others.
    Then we had an Exford Hotel meet for CrazyBrave from Canberra and many came: darlenTaylor,Copperwitch and Sedgwick, Nabakov, DavidTiley, Tim Train, + LexiconHarlot. One summer 16 of us went to Bendigo for the gallery fashion show - Sills Bend, and Balcony, Other Rants, Antikva, and stupendously Ozfemme drove in from Adelaide with 2 teen children. The Union in Fitzroy was the scene for Boynton, Aftergrog, markbahnisch, Nabakov, Helen Balcony, me and Other Rants ... so, I have met lots of bloggers and it has all been good. I have just staggered home from a big weekend with That's So Pants. I left her in Young & Jacksons after we collapsed from walking miles round the NGV. melbourne bloggers rule!
    X X Annie

  8. I'm with Michael, some of my best mates, and exes are folk I have met online. I'm always up for meeting new peoples, it's just I'm such a freakin homebody... I do leave my house some days for excursions other than work!!

  9. Traumatised by me Victor? I am as kind as an old lady and as innocent as pure snow. I can guess who the person on the bus was.

    Met online hey V. Hmmmm! Anyway, a good experience. You still keep in touch?

    ;-) @ Annie

  10. It all seems so positive Fen.

  11. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Yes, we keep in touch. It's all very innocent!! V.

  12. In the 'old' days, penpals who'd exchanged letters for a while would meet - and no one would think anything of it!! I'm yet to meet anyone I've met through the internet - but never say never!!

  13. Innocent in thought though V?

    Really Red? You haven't met any blog reader? I am surprised, but perhaps not. Oh, that is a bit loaded.

  14. Given half a chance I would have rocked up and given the star cast would have no doubt enjoyed the company and the meal - oh and of course the libations.

    Unfortunately there are more than a few things on my plate ATM.

    Next time I promise to be there with balls - errr - bells on.

  15. Stellar star cast LS. You would have been most welcome.